Vodka 'Atomik' using 100% of grain and water in the restricted area due to the Chernobyl nuclear accident has appeared, and general sales are also scheduled

The vodka “ Atomik ” was born using 100% of grain and water cultivated in the area that was set as a restricted area due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident that occurred in 1986.

ATOMIK -grain spirit-

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Atomik was created by a British and Ukrainian research team that conducted research on the radioactivity of cereals in the restricted areas of Chernobyl. This research team distills radioactive strontium 90 from restricted areas, slightly above Ukrainian government safety standards, with distilled water from an aquifer located 10 km south of the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. And he made Atomik. Below is the actual Atomik.

According to the research team, all radioactive material remaining in Atomik disappears during the distillation process. When I requested inspections to multiple inspection institutions such as Southampton University, Atomik detected only natural level carbon 14 , and it seems that there are no safety problems compared to ordinary vodka is.

The background behind the creation of Atomik is a “claw mark” left near the restricted area of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Below is a map created by Ukraine in 1997, showing the distribution of 137Cs near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

However, Professor Jim Smith of Portmouth University, who leads the research team, says, “The problem is that the economic development was hindered by accidents rather than radioactivity.” According to Professor Smith, many of the restricted areas have recovered to the point where crops can be grown safely, but the economy has not recovered. The following image shows the fields of people living in the Narojichi area introduced on the official AtomikVodka page.

Therefore, Professor Smith launched this project with the aim of economic recovery of the off limits. The reason why vodka was chosen as the beverage to produce is because vodka is a traditional Ukrainian alcoholic beverage.

Since Atomik was created in the laboratory for testing purposes only, there is only one in the world at the time of writing the article. Professor Smith plans to produce 500 Atomik books by the end of 2019 and sell them to Chernobyl tourists, with 75% of the profits being returned to areas affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.

Oreg Nasvit, Deputy Secretary of the Ukrainian Government Restricted Zone Administration, tasted this Atomik. “It ’s my preference,” he said. “It ’s important to help people in restricted areas return to their normal lives with safety in mind. I welcome you. '

Launched of Smith Professor Chernobyl Spirit Company (Chernobyl Spirit Company) is so is working on legal issues for the Atomik sale.

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