A fierce man who made his own `` heavy metal specification '' NINTENDO 64 that blows out huge explosions appeared

Nintendo's home game machine ``

NINTENDO64 '' released in 1996 has been remodeled into a `` heavy metal specification '' that blows out a flame like a car appearing in the movie `` Mad Max Anger Death Road '' YouTuber BitHead1000 has released the movie.


The main body of NINTENDO64 used for remodeling is like this.

Remove the case and this is the board inside. It is said that it will be used as it is without changing the substrate.

Next, we mark the metal plate directly using the body case and cut out the material.

For parts like long and thin belts, drill four holes in the center.

What is this part is the part that hits the side of NINTENDO64. The terminal that connects the controller of NINTENDO64 can be installed in the hole that is drilled.

Create a pattern ...

Cut out the top and bottom of the case from the metal plate again.

On the top, we will drill holes for the power button and reset button.

Furthermore, the letters “POWER” and “RESET” were imprinted on the hole using a stamp.

It looks like this when you approach the hole on the reset button on the right side. “RESET” is engraved on the hole, and the reset switch on the NINTENDO64 board is visible at the end of the hole.

BitHead1000 uses a paper pattern to check the position and size many times.

And the side and bottom are fixed by welding.

After applying the board and power supply, the metal case of NINTENDO64 is now complete. But the remodeling is not the end here.

First, BitHead1000 started making a letter N made of a short metal rod.

The NINTENDO64 logo is also three-dimensionally reproduced with metal.

A sticker with a logo drawn on the front center of NINTENDO64 was pasted, but BitHead1000 seems to have made a truly three-dimensional logo and embedded it in the body. There is a stick in the 3D logo that can be rotated.

BitHead1000 took out a copper pipe.

The assembled pipe part is built into the main unit.

Actually, this pipe is the pump part of the flamethrower. Actually connecting the pipe to the tube, flowing liquid fuel and testing the flamethrower looks like this.

A gear is attached to the rotating shaft of the three-dimensional logo mark in the center of the front, and it is modified so that it automatically rotates when the motor is applied.

If you actually test the motor and test it, it will turn when the logo mark turns around.

It is like this when all the tubes, pumps, and motors are housed.

Since the flamethrower system is activated independently of the game, an operation switch is provided on the controller.

The completed heavy metal NINTENDO64 is below. The metal body that shines in a dull silver color has a weld mark on it, giving it a stubborn feel. In addition, the top is equipped with a flame vent fuel outlet and the front with an ignition port.

To operate the flamethrower, connect a cable to the terminal on the left side ...

Connect the other end of the cable to the controller.

Insert '

Banjo and Kazooie Adventure ' into the slot and turn on the power.

When viewed in the dark, the rotating 3D logo is illuminated by the red indicator behind it, and appears eerily.

Then put a core in the igniter and ignite with a lighter.

When you play the NINTENDO 64 with heavy metal specifications outdoors, it looks like this. When you operate the buttons on the controller while playing the adventure of Banjo and Kazooie ...

Flames blow out from NINTENDO 64 with a tremendous momentum.

Surprised by the tremendous momentum of the fire pillar, the man who was playing ran away from the chair laughing.

Explosive flames roll up to the height of a person's height. The heavy metal body and the flame that rolls up can feel the intensity of heavy metal, but it is a very dangerous level to play.

In the test, it seemed that the entire body had burned.

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