Why are athletes groaning during a match?

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There are also many professional athletes who cry out loud during the game, such as “Wow!” And “Nun!”. Andrew Lavender, an instructor of exercise physiology and physical therapy at Curtin University in Australia, discusses the question “Why do you scream when you move and lean?”

Why do I grunt when I bend over?

Many athletes make a roar during the game. In the 2018 tennis game, there was an incident where the audience imitated the loud voice of the player and the referee issued a warning.

Player's “groaning” is controversial again, the situation that the audience imitates 8 Australian OP photos International News: AFPBB News

According to Lavender, it is very common in the world of sports to scream during exercise. Lavender cites Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams as examples of roaring sportsmen.

By the way, Rafael Nadal's roar is below.

Rafael Nadal-Top 10 Wild Extended Grunts after a Winner-YouTube

Even in competitions such as cannonball throwing and discus throwing, some players make loud voices during competition.

Men's Shot Put Final-World Championships Berlin 2009-50fps-YouTube

The reason why athletes roar is related to the mechanism of moving their bodies. As a preliminary step in lifting a relatively heavy object, moving fast, or getting up from a sitting position, a person puts effort into the trunk to stabilize the whole body. In order to apply strength, you need to breathe to fill the lungs, in order to stabilize the spine by applying pressure to the torso muscles.

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Then, exhale quickly for quick movements such as throwing a ball or punching, and exhale slowly for slow movements such as lifting the barbell or getting off the sofa. When the muscles that move the vocal cords are activated when exhaling, a roar is heard. This is the principle that makes a roar during exercise.

Since the relationship between roaring and sports is well known, research has been conducted about 20 years ago, “whether raising roaring improves physical ability?” A 2014 survey shows that raising the grunt increases the power of the tennis serve, and a 2011 survey shows that the grunt strengthens the grip. On the other hand, according to a survey conducted in 1999, it has been found that “ dead lift ”, a kind of weight training, has no effect even if a roar is raised.

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Lavender analyzed the discrepancies in these research results, saying, “whether the effect of roaring depends on the type of exercise”. “Rafael Nadal screams, but Roger Federer is superlative even without groaning,” he commented.

In fact, Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal in the men's singles and semi-finals of the Wimbledon Championships held in July 2019. Below is a rally over the final points of the match, with Federer in the back and Nadal in the foreground. Federer isn't out loud, but you can see her voice is low and inconspicuous.

Match Point: Roger Federer vs Rafa Nadal Wimbledon 2019 semi-final-YouTube

By the way, the reason why it becomes easier to make a roar as you get older is 'Unknown' according to Lavender. However, because it is habitual and there is a possibility of learning behavior copied from parents and friends unconsciously, people who say `` I do not want to speak when moving because I am embarrassed '' can suppress the voice if I make an effort ... apparently ...

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