How is "Quiet Eye (gaze fixation)" determined at a certain point of space in an important phase of professional athletes' gaze?

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Human gaze is moving repeatedly at about 2 or 3 times per second. However, during exercise such as sports, for example, when accurate motion like basketball shoot is required, as a large element that distinguishes the success or failure of the motion "Quiet Eye(Gaze fixed) "phenomenon called attention has been drawing attention. Literally the phenomenon of "the line of sight is determined to be a certain point of space" is fixed to the eyes, but what kind of relationship this has with sports to the news mediaThe AtlanticIt explains.

How the 'Quiet Eye' Technique Makes Athletes More Coordinated - The Atlantic

Deaendor Jordan, a star of the Los Angeles Clippers, is one of the strongest and quickest players among the NBA. However, his free throw success rate for the 2014 season was only 39%. Until then, the enemy team who was wary of the overwhelming skill of Jordan players seems to have taken the tactic of making him a free throw that is difficult for him by committing "purposely" fear when pinching. Meanwhile, Jordan's team mate Jamal Crawford does not have the speed and power like Jordan, but the shot success rate from the foul line is 90%, the success rate of the league best It boasts.

It is two people who are the same professional basketball player but leave contrasting figures, but the reason for deciding the difference of the shoot success rate is probably that the line of sight called "fixation of the line of sight" is one point of space It may be a determined phenomenon.

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"From the information your eyes provide you will know what kind of movement your exercise system will do from now on," the emphasis on movement of the eyes tells much about working at Calgary University Joan · Vickers is a cognitive psychologist and the foremost guru on the "gaze fixing" theory. The human brain is like a GPS system, it seems to recognize the target and detect speed, strength, distance, etc. However, Mr. Vickers says that 'fixation of gaze' brings more than just the visual effect to human beings, it also affects human 's attention (concentration).

However, until recent years, many researchers have considered that the accuracy of 'accurate motor skills' such as basketball free throws and suture surgery is high for those with excellent body manipulation ability. In such circumstances, the research group focused on 'fixation of gaze' was published by psychologists at Exeter University in the UK. In the research, it was discovered that there is a clear connection between "human's short-term memory ability" and "ability to use gaze fixation" which is an excellent way to measure concentration, "concentration" and "gaze Fixed "connection was found. Furthermore, it is also clarified that "fixation of gaze stimulates the dorsal side of the brain that adjusts concentration".

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Mark Wilson, professor of psychology at the University of Exeter, who tackled the research on 'fixation of gaze' said that knowing the breadth of "gaze fixation" to know the heart rate and muscle movement patterns It may lead to training. " "I think that humans are" looking at some point ", but that is a mistake, it is very difficult to do this correctly," said Wilson's co-researcher, Esector Mr. Sam Bin, a psychologist at the university.

According to Mr. Bin, professional and beginner's "time to keep seeing one point" has only a very small difference, which seems to be only about 0.2 seconds. Although it is less than 1 second, for example, when a basketball free throw, the higher the competition level the better the basketball goal will be kept at the timing just before the shoot. In other words, this slight difference is closely related to shoot accuracy.


The wonderful aspect of 'fixation of gaze' is that it is a technique to be taught. In fact, Mr. Bin seemed to have trained "gaze fixed" to professional athlete who participated in professional golfer and Olympic games, and in addition to shooting basketball, improving performance such as golf, shooting technique, surgical operation It has been shown that "gaze fixation" training is useful.

In addition, despite the absence of abnormalities in muscles, nerves, visual and auditory sense, "obstacles to cooperative movements such as" catch ball "and" write character "Developmental cooperative disorder"We fixed" gaze fixation "to the children, it seems that the catch ball improved better than before training. This indicates that children with developmental cooperative disorder had been paying attention to parts other than the ball (forms and other elements) at the same time, while "fixation of gaze" is a technique that can be acquired with a little training It also shows that.


In sports and so on, anxiety and tension sway at a stroke in an important scene and the concentration ability declines and it is common to say "play failure". However, even if one gaze at one point, the brain helps to eliminate ambient noise and concentrate on one action, so in an important scene it is possible to remember "fixation of eyes" to maximize performance It is a place I want to demonstrate.

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