What are the five keys on the successful Google team?

ByLuigi Mengato

It is difficult to make an organization / team that gathers and work with multiple people function well, and by looking at bookstores and websites, you can find as many books and pages as you can explain team management methods. It seems that research on how to do it is also carried out on Google which is said to be the world's most successful company with employees who are said to be the world's 50,000 people, and Google's publicly-held personnel method Explanation site "Re: WorkIn the team that is doing the result within Google "Five keysCommentary is being made about.

Re: Work - The five keys to a successful Google team

◆ 1: Psychological safety (Psychological safety)
There are times when it is necessary to take risks and challenge in order to accomplish something and achieve results. It is necessary to do such an occasion to create an atmosphere that allows the team to take action without being overlooked by the team and without feeling embarrassed.

Actually, Google initially arranged this item in line with the other four items, but noticing that it was a mistake, I realized that this "psychological sense of security" is based on the following four bases It is said that. Even in any organization, there are things that you may run into self-protection, becoming the air "Do not be distracted from others" "Do not understand what you do not understand", but for an efficient and good team It is nothing but a harm. To concentrate on work with confidence, it is important to create air that can be relieved as a member of the team.

By드림 포유유

◆ 2: Dependability
In order to improve work efficiency, it is important that all members keep pace. It is important that there are members that will steadily process the process even if you leave it.

ByScott Maxwell

◆ 3: Organization structure and transparency (Structure & clarity)
It is important to clarify the goal of the job, the role in it, and the plan of work. Members of the team must share their clear roles, task schedule, and final goals.

ByCreative Sustainability

◆ 4: Meaning of work
The goal of work is to raise profits, but that alone does not last. It is also important for team members to know what kind of personal meaning the current work has for each other. Work is also important in personal life and in life.

ByLuigi Mengato

◆ 5: Impact of work
In order to proceed with work, something that becomes motivated is necessary. It is important to believe from the bottom of the heart that the current work has the power to influence society and change what is now.

BySteve Jurvetson

The important point for the work found by Google was simple, but it was the five keys that we often did not achieve when looking back. Nonetheless, it may be impossible for you to bring in five keys to an environment at the moment. In order to accomplish these things, it is important not to compel "to believe in your work from tomorrow", but also to arrange the foundation of such a changing air and structure by themselves .

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