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On November 3rd, “ Record Day ”, commemorating the 30th anniversary of Susumu Hirasawa 's solo debut, it was decided that an analog 7-inch record “ TOWN-0 PHASE-5 / Niwashi King ” will be released. The price is 2000 yen excluding tax.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Susumu Hirasawa's solo debut, analog singles will be released! | Susumu Hirasawa | Nippon Columbia Official Site

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The company's desk is clearly `` dirty more than 400 times the toilet seat ''-GIGAZINE

What is the “dark core” that lurks in your heart and is the source of malicious thoughts and actions? -GIGAZINE

Winnie the Pooh's first live-action movie `` I became an adult with Pooh '' will be screened in China-GIGAZINE

Research results that men become both `` playboy '' and `` dislike women '' at the time of watching porn for the first time-gigazine

Story of Patron model platform `` Patreon '' that creators such as illustrators, cartoonists, musicians can directly `` donate '' from fans-GIGAZINE

`` Cosplay championship '' that decides the best cosplay performance in the world was already out of the frame of cosplay-gigazine

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Do you want to buy it on Amazon? All you see is a fake review! | ShenZhen Eukey Co., Limited press release

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)

Scientific paper ranking revised Okinawa Science and Technology Graduate University ranked 9th in the world | NHK News

The British science magazine “Nature” has revised the ranking of highly researched research institutes published in June, and the top sciences in Japan, including large universities such as the University of Tokyo. The Graduate School of Technology has moved up one place to 9th in the world.

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
A man sunbathing in the garden (28) died, heat stroke or Aichi, Yatomi City: Chukyo TV NEWS

Tokyo Shimbun: Mist, Cooling Goods ... Unpopular in the test : Society (TOKYO Web)
Saitama / Satte Mayor arrested current criminal arrested clerk assault at Hiroshima bar: Asahi Shimbun Digital

At around 2:30 am on the 7th, in the multi-purpose building in Shintenchi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, the female clerk (20) of the bar was hit several times.

Vote of candidate voted for re-investigation request ... Selection 'can't'-2019 House of Councilors election (Chain election): Asahi Shimbun Digital

Yaji exclusion 'poor doubt about the neutrality of the police' Road Public Safety Commissioner-2019 House of Councilors Election (House election): Asahi Shimbun Digital

Raising the flag calling for “NO Japan” but withdrawing on the day of criticism rush = Naka-gu, Seoul | Sogo News

Vote of candidate voted for re-investigation request ... Selection 'can't'-2019 House of Councilors election (Chain election): Asahi Shimbun Digital

Komei / Yamaguchi representative, `` I do not know at all '' in the view of the Liberal people's view of the will of the people by accelerating the reform-Mainichi Newspaper

Komeito's representative, Natsuo Yamaguchi, at a press conference held in Hiroshima City on the 6th, said that Mr. Shinzo Abe was accelerating the debate on the constitutional amendment and said that he gained the public opinion by winning the Upper House election. “I don't know what people ’s will have been gained” about what was coming out. 'The efforts of both the ruling and opposition parties to create a groundwork that will continue to debate are necessary first. What is discussed is a matter of preparing the groundwork.'

South Korean senior official 'retaliation and proof' criticized Prime Minister Abe's remarks

Mayor Satte, accused of assaulting clerk in Hiroshima 'I don't remember' denial: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Health damage from chocolate Lotte to collect 400,000 chocolates | NHK News

The voluntary collection is 400,000 units in total, including “Polyphenol chocolate (cacao 70%)” and “Lactic acid bacteria chocolate cacao 70”, which are manufactured and sold by Lotte until June next year.

None of the ingredients contained “milk ingredients”, which are allergens, but “milk ingredients” exceeding the reference value were detected.

'Cancer cells are self-destructing' advertising / sales or health food sales presidents arrested | NHK News

China and India warn of retaliation if Huawei is eliminated-Reuters

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)

It seems that there is a love variety program in the UK that only looks at the crotch of the naked man first and chooses the partner # Ladies Ariyoshi-Togetter

Reasons why handmade fermented food spread on SNS is dangerous → It is also pointed out that it is popular every few years is `` coagulation due to deterioration with bacteria in the air ''-Togetter

What is the problem with the Aichi Triennale?

Tweets of people whose room was caught in the fire of the apartment-Togetter

When you go to gynecology, you will be seated in a chair that will be M-shaped spread legs, so girls who have never been should definitely go in a flared skirt-Togetter

WEB Feature Can you lose your unpaid doctor? Direct hit to the medical community | NHK News

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Bug that can not use 5GHz band Wi-Fi with the latest driver of Surface-PC Watch

Apology and notice for video submission at FamilyMart stores | FamilyMart

This time, unsanitary videos of mice in the store are posted at our franchise stores. I apologize deeply for making you feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

We take this case seriously, stop our business on August 5th, investigate the cause, and take measures such as product removal and disposal with the guidance of the competent health center. In the future, we will proceed with measures such as disinfection, prevention work, in-store disinfection, etc., and will consider the possibility of resuming operations in consideration of the surrounding environment of the store.

[Original Article] Rikunabi finds out that he has also acquired browsing history of affiliated sites | Nikkei xTECH (Cross Tech)

DeNA AWS Account Management and Security Audit Automation

I can't trust the evaluation of the eating log, so check the review of Google Map-I want you to listen to my will

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)
TV animation `` BEASTARS '' 3rd PV-YouTube

TV anime “I don't want to hurt, so I want to focus on my defense. '' Teaser PV-YouTube

TV anime 'I don't want to hurt, so I want to focus on my defense.' Official site

The popular series “250,000 copies in the series and over 70 million PV on the web” is decided to be animated into TV! All of the status points are defensive ...! The strongest beginner Maple's non-stress big adventure begins here!

In a story, a woman with glasses is going to develop “I will improve my vision with magic medicine and take off my glasses” → Readers scream “no heresy” “Is there any medicine that makes my eyes worse?” “I cannot do it with freedom of expression”… Are you surprised by the author? Comments-Togetter

Who designed Yamato? Mr. Naoyuki Kato talks about Studio Nue. -Togetter

Tokyo Shimbun: “In a corner of this world” 8 days on a large stand 1000 days in a row “To the sacred place” Ibaraki: Society (TOKYO Web)

Theatrical screening of the animated film “In a corner of this world” (directed by Naoto Katabu) depicting the daily lives of the Pacific War has continued uninterrupted for a day since its release in November 2016. The theater in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, which supports the record, is expected to be the 1000th consecutive day on the 8th of this month.

[Nintendo Labo] Game solved! Program episode 2 'Let's make a memorable album!'-YouTube

Movie version `` ONE PIECE STAMPEDE '' notice-YouTube

Resonate with Kyo Ani! “Eufonium” model high school gold medal [Kyo-ani arson]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Women's Elite and Women Encouraged Members Participate in the Battle | Shogi News | Japan Shogi Federation

In the case of the Kyoto Animation Arson

First of all, we pray for the well-being of those who died in the wake of this incident, and hope that the injured people will recover as soon as possible. In addition, I would like to express my sincere condolences and condolences to my family and people concerned.

Mr. Kyoto Animation has been exhibited at the company booth and has also been connected to the comic market, so this incident is being taken with a further shock.

The other day, Kyoto Animation has set up a donation window and the support system is in place, so we will not do anything again on the day of Comic Market 96. I think that many people have already acted, but I hope that the participants of the Comiket can also support each way.

The important thing is not to forget the works that will not fade forever, to keep watching them, to keep on talking, and to have hope for the creation of new works not far away. I think that's what we can do because of the “Kyo-Ani” work.

I hope the next song will start again.

Believe in the day when it will be animated someday. Encouragement work of 'Japan's Most Severe Literature Award' Kyoto Animation Award 'Twentieth Century Electric Catalog' |

[Interview] Appreciation and love for voice actors. The joy of being in the musical world. Aya Hirano's present, past, and future-Livedoor News

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[Sad news] Too hot in Koshien, no solution found: Swallow Bulletin

32: If the wind blows, it will be anonymous 2019/08/07 (Wednesday) 05: 02: 08.19 ID: l2wyJSrC0
Really Kyocera is the best
Come from all over Japan

Director Hanshin / Yano “Sorate has made it difficult for us to come in.”] Hanshin] Summary Taro!

117: Anonymous if wind blows 08/08/07 (Wed) 07: 59: 42.05 ID: f0e9TdIX0
Wada was often said that it was boring because it didn't use young people
Because there weren't just young people who wanted to use ...

After all, what is the most important thing to change in Hanshin is defensive: Nanjiee Stadium @ NJ Summary

8: Anonymous @ Open 19/08/07 (Wed) 10:51:26 ID: pd7
I'll give you 2 points for defensive,
I can't win

Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi and Kristel Takigawa get married & pregnant-society: Nikkan Sports

Tokyo Shimbun: Mist, Cooling Goods ... Unpopular in the test : Society (TOKYO Web)

Read the book of Ayumi Hamasaki's example | Wadaaki Thought ~ Wadakamari on TV ~ | Sake Iron Takeda | cakes

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(PDF file) -Thick chocolate sauce entwined with pudding-'Belgium Choco Lymphae' 8/7 (Wed) on sale! A special 50 yen discount sale for 3 days from August 16 (Friday) to 18 (Sunday)

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