Is the rumor that 'eating nuts increases men's libido and is advantageous for sex' true?


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The rumor that 'eating nuts such as almonds improves men's libido and sexual function' is a true statement among some people. In order to verify such rumor, a research project called 'FERTINUTS ' is experimenting to see what kind of effect it will have on men who actually ate nuts.

Effect of Nut Consumption on Erectile and Sexual Function in Healthy Males: A Secondary Outcome Analysis of the FERTINUTS Randomized Controlled Trial

Sex Is Better for Men Who Eat Nuts, Says Study Funded by Big Nut

In the experiment, 100 healthy men living in Spain were randomly selected, and half of them, 50 men, were instructed to add '60 g of mixed nuts per day' to their regular diet. rice field. On the other hand, not only were the remaining 50 people not instructed to eat mixed nuts, but they were also instructed not to eat nuts as much as possible.

Around the 14-week experiment period, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire asking about their sexual life, and their blood levels of nitric oxide and E-selectin were also measured. Nitric oxide and E-selectin are said to have been used as indicators of vascular health, which are important for penile erection.

Before the start of the experiment, there was no big difference in the contents of the questionnaire between the two groups, but after the 14-week experiment, the men in the group who ate nuts complained of improving sexual function and libido. 'In conclusion, our research suggests that incorporating mixed nuts into the diet may improve erectile power and libido,' the research team said.



Similar results have been shown in studies that improved erectile function in men who had erectile dysfunction by 'continuing to eat 100 g of pistachios daily for 3 weeks.' Also, that the men who ate the nuts in previous studies was improved and the quality and quantity of sperm result also has come out.

However, Gizmodo points out that there are some points to be aware of in the results of this study. It is true that the questionnaire survey of the subjects showed improvement in sexual function and libido, but the amounts of nitric oxide and E-selectin used as indicators by the research team did not change at all in either group. Therefore, the reason why eating mixed nuts improves sexual function cannot be explained from this result.

Of course, the unclear link between nuts and improved sexual function does not eliminate the correlation between the two. However, if the male subjects had heard the rumor that eating nuts improves sexual function and libido, it is possible that the changes caused by eating nuts were the result of the placebo effect. I have.



Gizmodo's biggest concern is that the research is funded by the International Council of Nuts and Dried Fruits (INC) . INC is an industry group consisting of more than 800 nuts and dried fruit related companies around the world, and it is highly possible that it was intended to show the efficacy of nuts as a premise of research.

Still, funding from industry groups does not deny the research itself. Other studies have suggested that a nut-rich Mediterranean diet increases blood flow and improves sexual function in men and women. In any case, eating the right amount of nuts is unlikely to have a negative effect on your health, so if you're curious, it might be a good idea to include nuts in your daily life, Gizmode said.


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