Linus Torvalds announces discontinuation of floppy disk support on Linux



Linus Torvalds , known as the creator of Linux, announced that it will finish development of floppy disk driver (FDD).

Merge branch 'floppy' · torvalds / linux @ 47d6a76 · GitHub

Linus Torvalds prepares to wave goodbye to Linux floppy drives | ZDNet

Linus Torvalds Marks Floppy Disks 'Orphaned'-It's FOSS Is This The End Of Floppy Disk In Linux?

Linus Torvalds posted on GitHub with 'The floppy disk driver has been marked as Abandoned' and announced that Linux's continued support for floppy disks has been virtually discontinued.



'There are very few physical floppy disk drives that are actually working, and it's virtually dead. There are still external FDDs connected via USB, but they are not I do not need it. '

Floppy disks have been used to develop and disseminate Linux at the beginning of its birth, but as of 2019, it has hardly been used. Such floppy disk support has been maintained until now, as FDD continues to be used in virtual machines running Linux.

It is a floppy disk that has not been used for a long time due to its low capacity and low speed in the real world, but it is still used in virtual machines that are not physically restricted, and exists on software such as drivers Vulnerable ( At best ) So far, support has been continued to fix gender.

'The floppy disk driver is still being emulated in various virtual machine environments, so I will leave the driver, but I'll see if anyone is interested in continuing to develop this driver,' said Torvalds. He states that floppy disks are ending their role in the real world and in the virtual world as the reason for the discontinuation of development.

Mr. Torvalds's comment 'I understand that there is almost no need to develop drivers anymore. '


I'm still using floppy disks! '

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comments that talked about the memories of the floppy disk in a tremendous long sentence .

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