A castle architecture board game `` Hao Dragon Castle '' review that builds your own castle by stacking mahjong tiles

Hao Ryujo ” is a board game in which building materials are taken from the crumbling Ryujo and the castle is built for the next Ryujo. Everyone can feel free to play with the simple rule of acquiring two kites with vacancy on the left and right in one set, and because the player has the personality of how to build it, there is fun to see the completed castle, actually I played the Japanese version in the editorial department.



The package looks like this.

There is a simple explanation on the back. It is like a fox that I have seen somewhere, but when I read it carefully, it was written as “a game inspired by mahjong”.

“Hao Dragon City” is a game inspired by the Chinese traditional game “Mahjong”. Take a spear from the crumbling Dragon Castle and use it to build your own castle. Collect points of the same type and build a company (Yashiro) on top of it to earn points. Seek help from the spirits and unleash their power. But be careful. To win, you must accept the demands of the ancient dragon!

Take out all the contents at once. In addition to the spear, two central boards, two personal country boards, starting player tokens, a company like a black roof, victory point tokens, dragon cards, spirit cards, expiry tokens, four charts, and rules There was a book.

The kite was made of plastic, and the back was engraved with a mark resembling a dragon scale.

I will build a castle using the fence on the left. At first, it is placed on the right center board, but this center board is different depending on the number of people. Since this time we play with 4 people, select the one with the number mark at the top left representing 4.

Mix the strawberry ...

Stack up to the height of the numbers written on the board.

The “expiration token” used at the end of the game is also arranged on the board.

Then open one dragon card and one spirit card at random. These cards add game rules and use only one card per game. Different cards require different strategies, so you can play the game with a fresh feeling every time.

Start the game with one roof-like company.

Give the first player a start player marker so you don't forget who started it.

The player who gets the turn will get the “one of the left and right” traps from the center board. This time we chose “Green 5”.

Then, select the 牌 with the same color and number from the board, and get that 牌. This must also be free on either side, and you cannot select from the center of the castle. In addition to the green 5 you won earlier, you will get another 5 green.

The winning kites will be arranged on your board.

In this way, if you get a kite and you have four or more kites of the same color on your board in succession ...

Turn the linings upside down into a castle. Scored according to the number of flipped over, and this time it was 4, so scored 2 points. In addition, when you build a castle like this, you can put your company on top of the castle, and if you build a company, you can get victory points at the end of the game according to the height of the square. In addition, this time the player decides to build a company on the edge because the dragon card is 'one per company on the edge of the board'.

You can refill your company by performing the 'Acquire 1 cocoon and company' action instead of the 'Acquire 2 cocoons of the same color and number' action. At this time, it is necessary to select a kite that has left and right sides.

You can make many lumps up to 3 at a time by making several chunks of 3 or less and sticking them together at the end.

It was 2 points when it was 4 sheets, but it turned out to be 8 points when it was turned upside down.

Also, there is a difference depending on the color of the cocoon that is turned over.

If you have one, you can build two companies at once. If you turn the red, yellow, or green casket upside down, you can only build one company even if you have it.

The purple color is a rare scarlet ...

Not only can you build two companies when flipped, but you can also earn one extra bonus point.

It is also possible to line up the kites on the kites that have already been turned upside down, and even if the steps are different, the kites can be treated as continuous.

As the player pulls out the trap, the castle on the central board becomes tattered like a ruin as the game progresses.

You can use the effect of Elemental Cards once per turn by discarding one face-up spear on your board or one company you have. The spirit card for this time is 'Discard one jar on the center board'.

Choose to discard the blue tile from the center board.

Spirit cards can be used at any time during your turn. This time, it was used immediately after the start of the turn, so it is possible to perform an action to acquire the trap as it is. Since I removed the disturbing blue spider, I got two red spiders. Since the second sheet is selected again after the first sheet is acquired, both tiles can be acquired if there are vacancy on either side.

If you say “I do n’t want to do anything in particular ...”, you can also take the action of throwing away one without getting the central board trap. If you choose this action, you can get one point.

If all the kites on the central board are only one level, the action “Acquire Expiration Token” can be selected. Expiration tokens are treated as 2 points at the end of the game.

If the expiry token is acquired and the '!' Mark appears, the game ends in that round. In order to equalize the number of moves, turn to the person in front of the start player and finish the game.

It is the victory of the person who has the highest score, adding the score of the dragon card and the score of the square where the company is placed in addition to the score on hand.

There is a castle that is unique in the way it is built, and there is a castle that has only three tiers, just like a castle tower ...

Some players are building a castle that feels like a fortress.

Although the first play was a fun castle construction game that was able to play well with four people, `` What color the opponent gathers '' and `` What kind of traps are in the central board '' etc. are all released, so the player is a game As you get used to, it appears to have been killed and killed, and according to the title of the game “Hao King Ryujo”, there is an atmosphere of fighting for “Hao King”. In particular, when you acquire a company, you can choose a spear only considering the opponent's hindrance, and you can smoothly hinder the opponent with the movement of discarding the haze as the cost of the spirit card, so connecting a large number of spears at once will make a castle Quite difficult. The castle that was built after overcoming such obstacles became a love of any form, and after the game was over, the story of the castle was also exciting.

As for the time required, the first game took almost an hour including explanation, but once you get used to it, it is about 40 minutes per game, and it is at a level where you can play multiple times. In addition to the introduction of the rules on the central board, you can play with your own original arrangement.

The Japanese version of Hao Ryujo is sold at 6000 yen, with a fixed price tax, and is available at Amazon.co.jp for 6175 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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