Tesla announces new battery system 'Megapack' that enables large-scale storage

In addition to electric vehicles and automated driving technologies, Tesla, which is also focusing on

storage systems using lithium ion batteries, has announced a new storage facility “ Megapack ”.

Megapack | Tesla

Introducing Megapack: Utility-Scale Energy Storage | Tesla

Tesla also is so far, has developed and sells large-sized battery products such as 'PowerWall,' 'PowerPack'. PowerPack is an industrial battery and was introduced at a wind farm in Honesdale, South Australia in 2017, it has contributed to the construction of a system that accumulates generated energy and distributes it efficiently. In South Australia, blackouts caused by unstable power supply systems have become a major issue, but by storing the power generated by wind power generation in PowerPack, stable power supply is possible even during windless hours. It became possible.

“Battery storage is an important factor in transforming the world's power grid and shifting to sustainable energy generation,” says Tesla, demand for large-scale battery storage projects such as the Hornsdale wind farm is growing And that. Therefore, Tesla has developed a new battery called 'Megapack' for a large storage facility project that is expected to be developed in the future.

In order to reduce the complexity of the equipment required for large-scale battery storage, Megapack assembles and transports all equipment such as batteries,

inverters , thermal management systems and control devices at the factory. As a result, all you have to do is install and connect the Megapack locally, and it seems that you have achieved significant cost and time savings compared to other battery systems, as well as increased energy density.

By using Megapack, Tesla claims that it will be able to deploy a 1 GWh (gigawatt / hour) scale power plant within 3 months on 3 acres (about 12,000 square meters) of land. It says it's four times faster than deploying a fossil fuel plant of the same size, and Megapack is a great help for the construction of renewable energy plants.

Megapack is also equipped with Tesla's proprietary monitoring, control, and monetization software, as well as connecting to Powerhub , a monitoring and control platform for large-scale facilities and small-scale power networks. In addition, Tesla says that it can be integrated with Autobidder , a machine learning platform for energy trading developed by Tesla, and Megapack users also benefit from software updates as well as Tesla vehicles benefit from continuous software updates. You can receive improvement continuously.

Tesla claims that Megapack will serve as a sustainable alternative to peak load plants (peak plants) . A peak power plant is a power plant that is temporarily operated to compensate for the shortage of electricity when the demand for electricity reaches a peak, but it costs millions of dollars (one hundred million yen) in one operation. Besides, efficiency is also bad. It was explained that battery systems like Megapack can store surplus power generated during normal times and supply power at peak times.

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