What is the mystery hidden in a painting called 'most strange and erotic'?

Gabriel Destres and his sister ”, held at the Louvre Museum in France, has attracted many people from mysterious and erotic nature, with French paintings drawn by anonymous painters. It seems that the other meaning is hidden in the painting that appears to depict the same sex love at first glance.

The Meaning behind Gabrielle D'Estrées and One of Her Sisters-Artsy

'Gabriel Destre and his sister' is exactly the name ' Gavelle Destre and his sister, Dulles of Biyar, and it is a portrait that can be regarded as insane and women's homosexuality. It is also reported that the staff had covered the picture with a sheet when they were acquired.

The biggest feature of this picture is that a blonde woman is holding her nipples by the next woman. This is

Gabriel Destres , whose title is also the woman, who was the lover of Henri IV , the King of France at the time. The depiction 'the nipples are being plucked' symbolizes Gabriel's holding of the king's son, and most views are that the picture is about to be revealed by his sister.

At the back of the center of the screen, the woman who is supposed to be a maiden is sewing the birthplace of a born baby.

Gabriel also holds a ring on his left hand, which is said to indicate that he wants a formal marriage with the king.

In addition, the cloth placed in a red velvet curtain or tub that borders the screen uses the ' Trompe-Louisuille ' technique, and the two people are used for lighting and contrast. to stand out the composition along with the (composition), I have seen this picture in impressive thing.

It is a painting that is misinterpreted as homosexual by the time background, but Hannah Williams , a writer of art and culture, 'Sensored, strange scene, sign the attraction of' Gabriel Destre and his sister ' It is said that it is an erotic fantasy drawn with the intentions of the royal family's pregnancy and sexual temptation.

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