China's number of rare earth patent applications is twice as many as outside China, experts warn that rare earth related technology is much more advanced

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' Rare earth element ' (rare earth) is a rare element that exists in minerals and is essential for electronic products such as batteries, motors and recording layers of optical disks. China is famous as a major production area for such rare earths, but it is reported that it has obtained many patents on rare earths utilizing its output, and is said to be the world's leading edge in science and technology related to rare earths.

South China Morning Post China's War Chest of Rare Earth Patents Give an Insight into the Total Domination of the Industry |

James Kenedy, CEO of ThREE Consulting, a consulting firm for the rare earths, finance and nuclear industry, said, 'China has achieved significant growth in patents for rare earths,' saying that China is not only a production of rare earths, but a high-tech industry using rare earths. Warns that it is thriving.

The number of rare earth-related patents filed by China has increased rapidly in recent years, and in 2011-2015, it has doubled the total number of patents in all countries except China. In the image below, the yellow bar chart shows the number of rare earth related patents applied by China. Gray is the number of patents applied by other than China. The number of patents in China has shown explosive growth in the “2011-2015 (Year)” section, and the number of patents applied for in China has been pushing other countries from 2016 to 2018.

By PatentManiac , ThREE Consulting

“There is no doubt that China is far ahead in the rare earths patent field compared to any other country,” said Ryan Castillox, president of Adamas Intelligence, a battery-related consulting company. We can say that China is focusing on research to consume the produced rare earths domestically. ' 'We are building a supply chain for industrial magnets, motors, batteries and electric vehicles,' Castillox said. 'We may be able to build from raw materials to finished products only in Japan in the future.' You are

There are a wide variety of rare earth patents acquired in China. JL Mag Rare-Earth Inc. announced that it can now maintain its magnetic force while reducing the rare earth content of its magnets, and has acquired three new patents in China and one in the United States. REMT Group holds 20 patents in China and two in the United States for manufacturing magnesium alloys, which are also used in space development technology.


Rare earths are used not only in DVD players and TVs but also in medical and military equipment and oil refining plants, and they are a necessity for the modern industry. However, it is regarded as a problem that more than 80% of the world's rare earths are produced by China. Rare Earth prices soared 38 percent in May 2019 as the United States tried to raise tariffs from China from 10 percent to 25 percent. It fell 5.5% in July and showed some calm, but the price of rare earths is greatly influenced by politics.

According to CEO Kenedy, the US government is leading the creation of a rare earth smelting facility, and is lobbying to move away from the current situation of importing rare earth from China. 'We should resume rare earth mining in the Clark Mountains, California by 2020 and focus on rare earth mining and processing in the United States,' said Castillox.

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