It is reported that Apple is trying to acquire Intel's modem chip business for smartphones for 100 billion yen

The deteriorating relationship between Apple and Qualcomm has made it clear from Apple 's evidence that Qualcomm executives have chosen to eliminate the modem chip made by Qualcomm on their iPhones and iPads, and use an modem chip made by Intel. Since then, it has been reported that Apple is developing its own modem chip for the iPhone , but as information newly obtained by Wall Street Journal from sources inside Apple, 'Apple is trying to acquire Intel's smartphone chip business for $ 1 billion (about 100 billion yen),' it said.

Apple in Advanced Talks to Buy Intel's Smartphone-Modem Chip Business-WSJ

Apple in 'advanced talks' to acquire Intel's modem business-9to5Mac

According to information originally obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Intel are continuing 'advanced discussions' on the acquisition of the modem for smartphones. Apple is expected to pay at least $ 1 billion to 'patents' and 'development staff' handled by Intel's modem business.

According to the media, it seems that the acquisition transaction may be finalized in the fifth week of July 2019, but it is reported that the talk may not be completed and the matter of acquisition may disappear. Apple seems to have prioritized the settlement with Qualcomm over the acquisition of Intel's modem business, but the deal has been broken and it seems that the acquisition has come to fruition. In addition, Intel was considering selling the modem business to companies other than Apple, but because 'the most appropriate buyer' was Apple, the two companies will eventually resume talks Is telling.

However, in April 2019, Apple announced that it had settled with Qualcomm and terminated the 'Moratory Court Battle'.

Apple Announces Settlement with Qualcomm to End 'Morning Court Battle', The Settlement Fund Says About 670 Billion Yen-GIGAZINE

Initially, it is reported that the iPhone, which is scheduled to be released in 2020, will use an Intel 5G modem, but with Apple's 'preceding other companies in the 5G field' Qualcomm's settlement, Intel said it will be a 5G modem It announced the withdrawal from the chip business.

So far, it turns out that Apple plans to use Qualcomm's 5G modem chip for the iPhone, but at the same time it is reported that Apple is developing its own modem chip. You might feel, 'If you have settled with Qualcomm, you don't need it?' But the purpose is to reduce your dependence on certain companies such as Qualcomm by developing your own modem chip.

Does Apple Develop Its Own Modem Chip for the iPhone-GIGAZINE

Analysts predict that Apple will use Qualcomm and Samsung's 5G modem chips on the 2020 iPhone.

Also, the Wall Street Journal claims that Apple can save 'long years of development work' by acquiring Intel's modem chip business. 'Apple is working on chip development to further differentiate its handsets as smartphone sales are stable globally, which is squeezing the iPhone business that has been supporting revenue so far.' And pointed out. We expect this developmental stall will be resolved by acquiring Intel's modem chip business.

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