A movie that uses the latest VFX technology to render Dwayne Johnson's fucking fucking CG scenes that have been played over 5 million times in a week

In modern video production, “ VFX ”, which processes live-action video with computer graphics and compositing, has become an indispensable part. However, VFX is also a question of the creator's ability, so sometimes a movie may be created that you think 'This is a little ...'. CorridorDigital has fixed the rocky VFX scene with The Rock and Dwayne Johnson, producing a creative but creative concept.

We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever-YouTube

The presenter will be chaired by Nico Prinja, one of the founders of CorridorDigital.

Nico announced ' Scoopion King' played by Dwain Johnson of ' Ham Naptra 2 / Golden Pyramid ' as 'Are you aware of the worst VFX scene in the world?'

'Of course, this is not the worst VFX video tournament champion, but it's true that CG Dani Johnson is stupid'

CorridorDigital's comment box has received a post that says 'Do something about the Scorpion King!'

So, in a single day, we started a project to shape the Scorpion King of Dwayne Johnson in just one day.

First of all, from the place where you actually watch the scene of the problem in each of CorridorDigital which participates in the project.

The problem VFX scene starts in about 34 seconds . In the darkness comes a shadow that does not seem like a person's thing ...

Scorpion King appeared. However, the facial expression of the face is quite clear.

The expression of each of CorridorDigital will die to the severity of the appearance scene.

It is this look at the time of up very much. It looks like a cartoon character.

At first from discussion of which part of the picture should be improved. 'The animation of the limbs of the Scorpion King itself is wonderful, it's great. The light on the body is really good,' said Nico.

'But the human face is that you need a slightly more complicated technology.'

'The Scorpion King's expression does not seem to be synchronized with the movement at all. It makes the look unnatural.'

'This scene is a happy expression on the right half of the face ...'

'The left half is angry'

'It's also a problem that the Scorpion King is floating compared to other casts that actually act in front of the camera.'

'In this scene, the character is sweaty because it is an action scene in which a flame is placed as a background. Because of that, it is natural for the skin to feel dull ...'

'The scorpion king looks like a waxy, plastic-like skin. Human skin sees uneven color and shades of light in the light, but the skin of the scorpion king is too smooth. You are doing it. '

'In this part, the light cast on the other cast and the Scorpion King is different.'

'Because the flame is the light source, it looks like a really hot light is hitting this person.'

'On the other hand, the light on the Scorpion King can not sense the temperature.'

The members make use of their respective areas of expertise to correct the identified problems. 'Sam, how are you in charge?' Said Nico.

Sam said, 'I will first make the weight of the Scorpion King feel more, and plan to rewrite the impact of the light so that the Scoking King will more closely match the actual background.'

'It's supposed to be the only light source in this scene, but the flame isn't weighted at all,' says Peter.

'I re-calculate the light source effect to make it look like the light from the flame actually hits people and things.'

Clint commented, 'This scene is where the Scorpion King comes out of the ancient door, but this doesn't look like the ancient door.'

'I will add an' oldness 'as if the ashes of the Egyptian ghosts had fallen off the door when the Scorpion King touched this door.'

Nico is planning to improve the Scorpion King's look as it appears in PS2 games.

'I have decided how to repair my face,' said the state of confidence.

Each member has a work tool ...

Project started.

Members are devoted to their work. Only one day was given.

There was also a detailed explanation of the work content. Sam added that he added shaking to the video to improve that the Scorpion King's movement was too smooth in the original scene.

Writing is also responsible for Sam. 'The face of the person is not worn out. The Scorpion King has been locked in the catacombs for a long time, so I can not wash my face and it should be greasy. It becomes white '

'In addition, I add' mura 'because the texture of the skin doesn't become overly high. If noise is put on the skin, the natural roughness of human skin can be expressed and it will be much better.'

Nico's part is to manage the facial expressions of the Scorpion King's face.

The method is to use real-time video synthesis technology 'Deep Fake' using machine learning. In order to use DeepFake, it is necessary to have face data of various facial expressions that are the basis.

However, because Dwain Johnson's face from around 2000 to 2001 and the face from 2019, when 'Ham Naptra 2 / Golden Pyramid' was filmed, are quite different, I would like to combine the material of 2019 as Scorpion King. It becomes unnatural.

The solution that Nico came up with is to use the expression of Dwayne Johnson of the spin-off movie ' Scorpion King ' of 'Humnaptra 2 / Golden Pyramid' released in 2002. Because this movie is the work of the day before 'Ham Naptra 2 / Golden Pyramid', it has the same problem scene and makeup. What's more, Dwayne Johnson's facial expressions in the movie Scorpion King are natural without CG and the conditions perfect for compositing in this movie.

Nico said that he extracted all the faces of Dwayne Johnson from the movie Scorpion King to make it a synthetic material. I imported those face scenes into a deep fake and composited them into a movie.

A modified version of the Scorpion King appearance scene, completed by combining the results of each member, starts at 9:15 of the movie and can be seen immediately by clicking below.

We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever-YouTube

The face of the Scorpion King, who appeared while striking the ancient door, is human.

The lightness of the skin seems to be that the light from the flame has hit an actual human being.

And above all, how to move that expression. The transition of such precious expressions, such as narrowing my eyes, staring at eyes, peeling eyes, laughing with my nose, is very smooth.

The added BGM can be used to express that 'something horrible emerges from the bottom of the darkness ...'. The dust and shaking of the camera when opening the ancient door seems to make the weight and strength of the Scorpion King come out of the picture.

The light from the flame has also been recalculated.

It looks like this when you align the original (left) and the modified (right). You can clearly see that the graphic of the face, the skin tone, and the expression are different things.

'Ham Naptra 2 / Golden Pyramid' was produced around 2000, and at that time there were no VFX methods such as Deep Fake. The movie shows the strength of the CorridorDigital members, as well as the significant technological advances in the video industry over the past 20 years.

CorridorDigital also has a large number of movies with VFX, such as movies in which Boston Dynamics robots fight back against humanity.

A parody movie in which Boston Dynamics's robot, which has been played over 5 million times finally starts to fight back against humanity-GIGAZINE

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