Indian trucks are 'dekotra' with beautiful decorations

Dekotora is a truck with the exterior of the truck decorated with heels, and in Japan it is also handled in movies such as the ' Track Yaro ' series. In fact, India is also a country that is running Dekotra with beautiful decorations, and a movie that is close to Indian Dekotra is being released.

India's trucks are works of art-YouTube

The sound of the horns behind the reporter. What is projected after the words 'You will see this when you drive India' is ...

Multicolored trucks.

There is also an atmosphere like a festive shrine.

In India, trucks with such colorful and artistic paint and decoration are running around here and there.

Trucks are an essential part of Indian logistics while at the same time ...

It is also a canvas for art.

The decoration that decorates the track of India seems to be the background of Indian culture, language, thought, history, etc. ...

It is possible to see artistic tracks all over the road.

The track driver man says, 'This is my house. I live here and eat here ... We really think the truck is a home.'

As the word 'home' says, the truck driver spends a lot of time in the car, so the inside of the truck is a very personal space ...

The interior is also decorated as you like.

The track spread from the British to the Indian during World War II and has played a major role in logistics even after the British left.

For drivers who run long distances away from home for weeks, the truck is both a working place, a home, and a worship space.

'For the truck driver, the track should be a comfortable and peaceful place,' said

Usha Iyer , an art professor at the Vedatya Institute .

It is the painters who decorate the tracks, mostly from

Punjab in northwest India.

Write typography that does not seem like handwriting ...

I also draw colorful animals.

As a track art painter, this man has been drawing pictures on the track for twenty years. My father and grandfather were drawing track art, and I say that parents watched drawing pictures on the track from an early age.

One of the unique techniques used by Punjab truck drivers is astonishing by art professor Iyer.

The painters draw animals, characters, human faces, icons and so on.

In most cases, track art uses bright colors and rarely uses dark colors.

The dark color is used effectively to highlight what you want to emphasize.

By using colors effectively, it looks as if the letters are 3D and pop out.

There are many characters that can be seen behind the track, ' BLOW HORN '.

For drivers who drive trucks with many blind spots, it is important that the horns of nearby cars be important to know the position of other cars.

In Japan, horns are often sounded in the sense of 'dangerous!', But in India, horns are used as a communication tool, and the ringing of horns on the road is a daily scene.

Also, the message ' USE DIPPER AT NIGHT ' (using the night light) is often written on the back of the truck.

Of course, animals and other icons that decorate the truck are also an important part of truck art ...

Even in a parking lot with lots of trucks, drivers can easily find their vehicles using art as a clue.

The drivers also emphasize the coolness of the art, and in particular the picture with the motif of ' eagle ' seems to be popular.

In addition, religious symbols are often drawn on the car body and decorated in the car, and it is said that the truck driver, who is a dangerous occupation for driving the truck day and night, wishes for religious protection.

Each truck driver is proud of his own truck ...

It can be said that it is a common culture for truck drivers traveling throughout India.

The truck is an important business in India, but at the same time it combines art and also serves as a home for the drivers.

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