'Google sheep view' where you can see the sheep during grazing grasped by Google Street View altogether

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Murder siteAnd it looks like itA moment like a shadowIt is Google Street View which catches a tremendous moment such as, but it also shoots a lot of peaceful pastoral scenes. A surreal website displaying the pictures of sheep grazing around the world caught by storytow view is "Google sheep viewSo we can keep on watching the sheep living peacefully in the majestic earth.

Google sheep view

Screenshots of Google Street View are lined up on the web page as below, and below the image there are recorded shooting locations, contributors of images and brief explanations. For example, in the state of the sheep who turned the butt, "Explanation that I am absorbed in eating grass and I do not notice the Google street view car" and a statement to the effect that it was taken at the Lake Township in Ohio State, USA It is written that the person is John.

Discover a flock of sheep in a beautiful meadow where yellow flowers bloom. It is a state of the Southland region of New Zealand.

This was also captured in the Southland region of New Zealand. A vast ground is spreading.

Unlike New Zealand where bright green grasslands had spread, somewhat rough land is Cusco of Peru. "Where is the sheep ...??" It will be around the lower right of the screen.

Portland, Oregon, USA. In the photograph taken from the road for a thin motorcycle, there were figures of sheeps flocking in the garden of the house.

Like a jacket picture of something a beautiful picture of a sheep was taken at the western fjords of Iceland.

A picture just saying "Look in the eyes of the heart". Pictures taken in Kouvola, Finland may be a sheep in the far side.

On the other hand, there are photographs full of sheep everywhere. This is the situation near the border between France and Spain.

The pictures taken in Kerry State, Ireland, are the sheep who spend their time relaxing at the seaside meadow.

There was also a butt's up. It is a state of Pembrokeshire in the southwestern part of Wales.

The sheeps of Calistoga, California, America, invaded vineyard-like places. The tourist is taking pictures.

In Denver, Colorado, USA, the sheeps are located just beside the parking lot. However, it is unclear whether this sheep is genuine or an ornament.

The way sheep live is different from country to country. This was taken in Bhutan's Wande Podolan. Animals other than sheep are also included.

Sheep in Hamburg, Germany. A sheep is released to mow the grass, and the fence seems to be moved daily by the shepherd.

The very moment of hair clipping was also captured by Google Street View Car. A state of Harris Island in Scotland.

Mother-in-law mother-child sheep was taken at Scotland's Perthshire.

So by scrolling through the pages you can see the state of sheep from all over the world. If you are just looking at the state of sheep living calmly, the hearts of those who are looking may be calm ... ....

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