Genius mathematician Alan Turing in a portrait of a new 50 pound note

The Bank of England announced that it will use the mathematician

Alan Turing , who has been known for his great achievements in deciphering ' Enigma ', for the portrait of the new 50-pound bill. Banknotes containing Turing's portrait will be distributed by the end of 2021.

Alan Turing to be the face of new £ 50 note | Bank of England

£ 50 Note Character Reveal-Think Science!-YouTube

The portrait of the new 50-pound bill was decided to be a person in the field of science by the bill portrait advisory committee, and the Bank of England elected 12 pairs of 14 final candidates from 989 eligible. The candidates were ' Charles Babbage & Ada Labress ', ' Rosa Lindo Franklin ', ' Earnest Rutherford ', ' Dorothy Hodgkin ', ' Steven Hawking ', ' James Clark Maxwell ', ' Paul Dirac ', ' Mary ' Anning ' Shrinivasa Ramujan ' ' Alan Turing ' ' William Herschel & Caroline Herschel ' ' Frederick Sanger '.

It was Alan Turing who was chosen from this.

The portrait of Turing used for banknotes was taken in 1951. The table and formulas of the paper 'On the number of computable numbers' written by Turing in 1936, and the pilot aircraft of

ACE designed by Turing were designed as designs. It is treated.

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