It was discovered that the grandmaster of chess was cheating using a smartphone in the bathroom

In recent years, board game software such as Go, Shogi, and chess has been developed, and while players are using the software to study the best batting line and improve their skills, they secretly check the software during the match and cheat The danger is also pointed out. Meanwhile, it was discovered that Mr.

Igors Rausis, who holds the title of ' Grand Master ' awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) , was cheating with a smartphone.

GM Igors Rausis Under Cheating

Chess grandmaster in cheating scandal after 'using phone to look up strategies' | Daily Mail Online

Rausis was born in 1961 and is 58 years old at the time of writing, and is a very old class chess player active in international tournaments. After playing as a Latvian nationality for a long time, he has been playing as a representative of Bangladesh since 2003 and Czech nationality since 2007.

Named Grand Master in FIDE in 1992, Rausis is known as one of the 100 most senior players in FIDE's rating and ranked 53rd in the world in the latest rankings. Generally speaking, while chess ratings tend to decline as they get older, Rausis, who is top rated at 58, has been the focus of attention.

Also, it was notable that Mr. Raussis not only maintained high rating, but also raised the rating rapidly after over 50 years old. The blue points in the graph below indicate the rating of Mr. Raussi, and the rating that was moving up and down from 2460 to 2540 from 2003 to 2013 sharply rose from around August 2013, as of July 2019 So you can see that it has reached a position that is likely to reach 2700.

While praised for the rapid rise in rating after aging, Rausis also turned to suspicion. According to

Emil Sutovsky , director of FIDE, Rausis has been the subject of suspected cheats for many years. Rausis has been playing in the tournament where many players who are lower rating than himself participate, and it is said that the rating is maintained with a high win rate against the down opponent, but it is perfect even though it is the down opponent for such a long time It is difficult to continue playing.

With the development of software, chess players are prohibited from using or holding their smartphones during the game. However, FIDE doubted that Raosis would use a smart phone somewhere and cheat the best beat.

Under the circumstances, at the 'Strasses Open ' held in Strasbourg , France, the scene where Mr. Rausis was using a smartphone during the game was finally suppressed. The photos that have been published show how to take a smart phone that should be banned when standing in the bathroom during the game and use it in secret.

Rausis admits that he used the smartphone, 'I lost my mind yesterday.' 'What I did yesterday is a good lesson for other players. I already finished. Played a chess match for ', commented. Rausis will have some sort of disposition from FIDE, as in the past.

In order to detect player cheats, FIDE uses a statistical-based model to detect chess player cheats, developed by

Ken Regan, an associate professor of computer science at State University of New York at Buffalo. . Also from this model, it was pointed out that Mr. Rausis likely to use a cheat.

'FIDE is continually scanning all players, all suspicious play and identifying statistical anomalies,' said Yuri Garrett, Executive Director of FIDE's Fair Play Committee. He said he would do his best to monitor and detect cheating in chess.


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