Robotics experts are seriously studying the future of 'erobot'


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Dave Anctil, who works for the University of Jean de Brevuf in Canada, and Simon Duve, Ph.D. student at Concordia University, will attend the 87th Annual Conference of the French Society of Knowledge , held from May 27, 2019, I made an academic presentation on engineering. The theme is ' Erobot '.

Beyond sex robots: Erobotics explores erotic human-machine interactions

87e Congrès de l'ACFAS | Colloque 612-Penser l'érobotique: regard transdisciplinaire sur la robotique sexuelle

'Erobot' proposed by Anctil et al. Is a mixture of 'eros' representing sexual love, 'bot' as software, and 'robot' as hardware. It is a word. According to Anctil, “a sexy humanoid shaped robot” is only a small part of the erobot, and the erobot communicates with the user through soft robotics with a flexible structure and natural language It is a new concept that includes conversational agents, virtual reality and augmented reality .

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And, an emerging field of researching and developing theoretical and practical Erobots is 'erobotics.' Researchers are trying to find out what role Eorobot will play socially and ethically in a positive framework of gender and technology. For example, 'Who is allowed to make contact with Erobot?' 'What is it like?'

Anctil talks about the current field of Erobot's success as 'someone who has difficulty finding a partner, who likes artificial agents, or who just wants to experience pleasure.' It will also help with the treatment and care of those who are fearful of having an intimate relationship with others, and those who have trauma to their physical and sexuality.

Anctil said, “The key to developing Erobotics is collaboration between government and academia, computer engineering, social sciences and humanities”, and in the future we will contribute to the well-being of people through collaboration with various research and fields. He spoke of his enthusiasm for opening up the future of the future erobot.

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