IBM's acquisition of Red Hat by 3 trillion 800 billion yen completed

IBM announced that it has completed its acquisition of Red Hat, the open source cloud software. The acquisition took place as IBM acquired Red Hat's outstanding common stock for $ 190 (approximately 20,000 yen) per share, and the scale was approximately $ 34 billion (approximately 3.80 billion yen).

IBM Newsroom-2019-07-09 IBM Completes Acquisition of Red Hat for $ 34 Billion

The two sides agreed to acquire all shares of Red Hat by IBM on October 28, 2018 local time.

IBM Acquires Red Hat for 3 trillion 800 Billion, Biggest Acquisition Drama for IBM-GIGAZINE

Originally, IBM has been involved in Linux from the early days as a supporter, and among them, it has cooperated with Red Hat for the development and growth of the enterprise part, and the cooperation relationship between them has been over 20 years.

As a result, IBM's Genny Rometti, chairman and CEO of the company, describes the acquisition as 'evolving collaboration,' and Red Hat's independence and neutrality will continue to be maintained while maintaining open source while making firm efforts It is clear that the point to go is unchanged.

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