Publisher of 'Xi Jinping Mr. = Winnie the Pooh' touch the neta Chinese horror game that had touched the imperial wrath becomes the business license deprivation disposal


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The horror game “ Reclaimed Devotion, ” which was released on Steam on February 19, 2019, was developed by the Taiwanese game developer Red Candle Games and was highly praised by game users around the world. . However, the Chinese in the game Xi Jinping a Jintao ' Winnie the Pooh development in the situation which is that there is a fiddle story to be similar to the' found, is removed soon from the Steam from release. Such a return Request It is reported that Indievent , a Chinese publisher of Devotion, has been stripped of its business license.

Devotion's Chinese publisher has had its business license revoked | PCGamesN

A request for devotion Devotion is a horror game with a theme of Taiwanese homes in the 1980s, and although the volume is short, it has gained popularity for gaining thousands of highly rated reviews within a few days of release. However, as soon as the red character derided as 'Xi Jinping Pooh idiot' in the game was written marks have been found, it will be returned at once palm from China user.

Popular horror games get rid of Steam by buying Chinese users wrath touching Pooh neta of contraindications-GIGAZINE

Xi Jinping said might be the story as 'similar to Winnie the Pooh' on the net, in China has been contraindicated to touch the 'Xi Jinping Mr. = Winnie the Pooh' story. In the past, comedians who have touched this material have become censorship targets, and Pooh's first live-action movie ' Pooh and I who became an adult ' has been banned from screening.

'Xi Jinping = Winnie the Pooh' comedian that tinkering with story from being in that 'does not exist' - GIGAZINE

Winnie the Pooh's first live-action movie, 'Pooh and I who grew up' is banned in China-GIGAZINE

Revotion Devotion also gets fiercely accused, and the developer Red Candle Games has officially apologized, explaining that 'Internet slang, which was jokingly included in making a prototype, has not been properly deleted before its release.' . This time the case is a pure accident, it says that there is no than there is an attempt to deliberately attack Mr. Chinese users and Xi Jinping.

The devotion has already been removed from Steam, and Red Candle Games can close the contract with Chinese publisher Indievent and Winking Entertainment, which is responsible for sales outside China. Under these circumstances, it turned out that the publisher Indievent received a lawsuit to be stripped of the business license, saying that he was 'involved in a serious act that jeopardizes the national security and public interest.'

Although not mentioned to clearly Kaegan Devotion in the notice content from the government, is a serious act that affects the national security, released a Kaegan Devotion that contains the Xi Jinping Mr. = Winnie the Pooh story on Steam, condemnation It is believed that they have not been deleted for several days after being received.

The license is only for the Chinese authorities, and Taiwan-based Winking Entertainment is not directly affected by the Chinese authorities. However, game publishers to focus on Asia and Europe, Another Indie is a co-founder of the Ian Garner said, and measures for the current Indievent has an impact on the game developers and publishers in the vicinity of China, including Taiwan Pointed out. Although Taiwan's game industry is not directly overseen by the Chinese authorities, much of the money comes from the mainland of China, so the influence from China is inevitable.

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