A physicist who derived `` how to make perfect crepes '' utilizing fluid mechanics appeared



Even if you try to make a delicious crepe with a frying pan, it is difficult to make a crepe of uniform thickness so that the fire passes evenly. A physicist who specializes in fluid mechanics, using such brains and computer simulations, has come up with such a crepe making method, 'How to make perfect crepes.'

Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 064802 (2019)-Pancake making and surface coating: Optimal control of a gravity-driven liquid film

Physics-Synopsis: Making the Perfect Crêpe

How to make the perfect crepe, according to physics | Science News

The author of the study, Professor Matthew Seria, of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, expressed dissatisfaction with the unevenness of his wife's crepe, but his wife solved the `` crepe problem '' himself, a fluid mechanic who is Celia. Pointed out what can be done. To solve this problem, Celia teamed up with fellow hydrodynamicist colleague Edouard Bugeau to create a computer simulation of a crepe cooked in a frying pan to solve the problem.



This simulation calculates the orientation and temperature of the pan, and changes in the viscosity and thickness of the batter liquid (under crepe) when the temperature is added. Based on this simulation, Professor Celia and Bugeau used a mathematical technique called adjoint optimization to analyze a method for equalizing crepes.

Here's how to make the best crepes that Professor Celia and Bugeau have derived.

1. Pour the batter into the center of the heated pan
2. Tilt the frying pan in one direction and move most of the poured batter to the frying pan edge
3. Tilt the inclined pan in a circular motion to thin the batter
Four. Gradually lower the tilt angle of the frying pan and complete it through fire while filling the bubbles



The published study, entitled 'Pancake Making and Surface Processing: Optimal Control of Liquid Films Moved by Gravity,' was published in the hydrodynamics version of Physical Review, the most prestigious American physics journal. Was . This research is expected to be useful not only for crepes but also for coating solar cells and circuit boards. Also, the title is 'Pancake', which seems to be for French authors, and the paper mainly mentions crepes.

Mr. Bugeau claims that the theory he developed is `` not necessary but useful for crepe making '', commented that `` The crepes burned by verification experiments to confirm the theory pleased our daughters '' I am.

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