'The world's first die cast music' is completed by letting 374 minicars hit the iron mallet, the mesmerizing melody is being released on YouTube

The mini car '

Hot Wheels ', the world's largest toy maker MATTEL (Matelle) , has many adult fans and many people just buy it. A movie has been released that has completed 'the world's first die cast song' by hitting this hot wheel 374 units to the iron mallet.

Hot Wheels Xylophone-YouTube

Ford's '65 Mustang' sliding on a sloped rail

If you hit a hammer, you will make a loud noise like 'Cheen' ...

It falls to the other side of the keyboard.

The traveling volume of minicars has gradually increased. A light melody is played.

Minicars are attached together and chords are produced, etc., and it is controlled quite accurately.

More cars with 3 or 4 cars ...

Great things like car chase gradually.

Dodo Dodo ... The car rushes in, but when you close your eyes you can only hear a beautiful sound.

As we move to the final stage, the music shows more excitement, and the level of perfection does not seem to be produced by minicars. When I watched the movie to the end, I was engulfed by the mystery, 'I saw something amazing ...'.

In addition, the above-mentioned performance 'The running soundless version of the car' is also published in SoundCloud.

Hot Wheels Xylophone Music for 5 MadMovieMakers-(without car sounds) by EmCee | Em Cee | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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