Apple moves production base for new Mac Pro from US to China

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Mac Pro ” that appeared in 2013 became a topic of trash, but the new “ Mac Pro ” that was announced in 2019 has a topic of appearance like a cheese grater . The Wall Street Journal reports that such a new Mac Pro will be assembled in China.

Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China-WSJ

Apple's new Mac Pro will be assembled in China, not the US-The Verge

According to reports, the 2013 model Mac Pro has been assembled at a factory in Austin, Texas, USA, but the latest Mac Pro announced in 2019 will be assembled in China Is going to be. Since many Apple products are manufactured in China, it is no surprise that the Mac Pro assembly will be moved to China.

However, when President Trump is trying to raise tariffs on Chinese products from 10% to 25%, and the technology industry as a whole is going to be greatly affected, “It has a big meaning,” pointed out the overseas media The Verge. In addition, President Trump has previously sued ' iPhone factory in the United States ', 'The possibility of having political implications,' wrote The Verge.

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft claims that tariff increases to China lead to price increases of game machines and adversely affect the entire industry-GIGAZINE

When the 2013 model Mac Pro was to be assembled in the United States, Apple's CEO Tim Cook said `` I have been working for a long time '' on efforts to assemble some Apple products in the United States, “We are really proud of this (product assembly in the US),” he said .

However, in order to assemble a Mac Pro in the United States, it is necessary to train employees and prepare custom tools, and it seems that production has been delayed when demand increases. And when Apple tried to update some parts of the Mac Pro, it failed to manufacture in the United States, and the factory in Texas eventually moved to other companies' product manufacturing · Street Journal reports.

Apple used some Mac parts in the Mac Pro, appealing that 30 states in the United States were involved in manufacturing and were spending a lot of money on manufacturing. In addition, an Apple spokesperson said, “Final assembly is only part of the manufacturing process,” arguing that the final assembly work is only done in China.

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Apple announces that `` 3rd generation Mac Pro will be produced in the United States ''-GIGAZINE

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