Will Apple move iPad and MacBook production bases from China to Vietnam?

Foxconn , which undertakes the assembly of Apple products, will move its production base for iPads and MacBooks from China to Vietnam, Reuters reports.

Exclusive: Foxconn to shift some Apple production to Vietnam to minimise China risk | Reuters

Apple may move iPad and MacBook manufacturing from China to Vietnam --The Verge

Foxconn to Move Some Production of iPads and MacBooks to Vietnam --Bloomberg

Apple seeks to move some iPad production out of China and into Vietnam --PhoneArena

President Donald Trump has announced that he encourages American companies to shift their manufacturing bases from China to the country and imposes additional tariffs on products and parts imported from China. Several tech companies have been vehemently opposed to additional tariffs by the US government, but at the same time multiple companies are moving their manufacturing bases outside of China. Under President Trump's pressure, Apple also announced that it would 'produce the third-generation Mac Pro in the United States.'

Apple announces that '3rd generation Mac Pro will be produced in the United States' --GIGAZINE

Foxconn, which undertakes Apple product assembly, is also considering relocating part of its product assembly line to minimize the impact of the US-China trade war caused by worsening US-China relations, Reuters said. I reported. Foxconn seems to be considering Vietnam, Mexico, India, etc. as candidates for the relocation of the production line.

An anonymous person who provided information to Reuters said that Apple's iPad and MacBook assembly lines had already been built at a factory in Bac Giang Province in northeastern Vietnam and would be operational in early 2021. It's unclear how much production will be transferred to Vietnam, but sources said China will continue to assemble some handsets. 'Apple has requested that the production base be relocated. There is a need for diversification of production after the trade war,' said a source.

In addition, Apple has already moved a part of the iPhone production base from China to India ...

Will Apple export the iPhone produced in India for the first time, and expect the terminal price to drop? --GIGAZINE

Part of the AirPods Pro production base has also moved from China to Vietnam.

Apple reveals that some of its AirPods Pro production bases have been relocated from China to Vietnam-GIGAZINE

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