7 Ways to Do to Improve Vocabulary


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Children and wear also about 5200 pieces in until the 2-year-old from the birth of vocabulary (Goi) has been said , you will learn the language at a very fast speed. Language ability is also linked to happiness, friendship, family connections, academics and careers, and seven ways to increase children's vocabulary are described by Professor David Di Kinson of Vanderbilt University.

7 ways to build your child's vocabulary

◆ 1: Talk about things or events that children are interested in


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When a child is staring at a cat or trying to say something by pointing, it is a good chance to tell the name of the thing and explain the contents. It is important to talk about things, events, emotions, etc. in pairs with words, such as 'It's a cute cat. It has big eyes and fluffy coats'. From past studies , it has been found that the amount of what the 18th-month-old child pointed to is related to the development of the 42-month-old language.

◆ 2: Talk with a lot of children
In the brains of children aged 18 to 24 months, the area responsible for the language develops rapidly, and the ability to convert the emitted sounds into meaningful words rapidly increases. At this time, at the same time, the speed at which children give meaningful words is strongly related to 'the amount of hearing in conversations with adults' because the ability to convert sounds they hear into words is also improved.

◆ 3: Make the conversation last
Not only the amount of conversation but also the quality becomes important until the child is 2 years old. You don't have to worry about the length of conversations in time, but it's important how many round trips you take, and it's said that you need at least 10 round trips to increase your vocabulary. A survey of preschool children shows that children with long conversations with adults develop brains faster and information processing is more efficient than children with only short conversations You

◆ 4: Read and discuss books


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Reading is a very powerful vocabulary- building tool that can teach you the names of things, animals and actions. The method of reading can be used before the child is 1 year old and can be repeated many times. Reading also deepens family relationships by discussing with children the photographs, stories, and events that adults like.

◆ 5: Talk while spreading knowledge
Touching more complex concepts will help children learn more quickly . For example, when you go to the aquarium and you hear the parents talk about the names of the sea creatures, their parts of the body, and their movements, you will be able to talk in a later conversation based on new ideas and experiences.

◆ 6: talk about past events
When parents talk about past events, they tend to express new events about them. For example, when a child returns 'I saw a big fish with wings' when asked by my parents about the question 'Do you remember going to the aquarium?', Adults say 'Yes. It was a very big stingray.' By connecting, children can gain new vocabulary.

◆ 7: Play pretend
By language, children create a world of fantasy, and experience as if living there. Children who play with dolls imitating a doctor must understand new words and their meanings such as having a tool called a stethoscope, using a stethoscope at the time of medical examination, even when not actually going to the hospital Become.

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