The Boeing 737 MAX, suspected of being a defect machine, is tightly packed in the parking lot

The ' Boeing 737 MAX 8 ', which has caused a series of

crashes that resulted in over 300 deaths in 5 months, overflows the parking lot because it is waiting for repair. A movie containing the situation is available on YouTube.

Boeing Has So Many Grounded 737 Max Planes Waiting to Be Fixed They're Parking Them in the Employee Parking Lot

Boeing 737 Max: Desert Parking Costs $ 2,000 a Month Per Plane-Bloomberg

Boeing Has So Many Grounded Jets, It's Parking Them In The Employee Lot | HuffPost

The following movie is an aerial shot of Boeing 737 MAX waiting for repairs overflowing the employee parking lot, taken at Seattle's local television station ' KING 5 News ', which is Boeing's knee.

Aerials of 737 MAX planes parked at Boeing Field, Renton factory-YouTube

The Boeing Renton Plant , located in Washington, USA, is a plant that manufactures Boeing 737 MAX .

Within the Renton plant site, there are many jets lying in a space that is considered to be an open-air maintenance area.

Under the jet, a Boeing employee was working.

And it was the

King County International Airport , which is about a 20-minute drive from the Renton Factory, known as the Boeing Field, which was shot with a row of jets and a row of jets.

The parking lot is the Boeing 737 MAX, which is painted with the employee's car.

The logo printed on the aircraft is from the Turkish national airline '

Turkish Airlines ' or ...

Spanish airline '

Air Europa '

Rich in international colors such as Chinese airline '

Shenzhen Airlines '.

The Indian airline '

Jet Airways ' has just entered the Indian Bankruptcy Clearing Procedure on June 20, 2019 due to financial difficulties. It is likely to be for the time being to find a place to go even after a successful repair.

According to Boeing's spokesman, 'This is in line with the company-wide logistics plan, and we are not leaving the aircraft unplanned,' but a huge jet and passenger car will live together The strange sight has become a topic on SNS, and Twitter is tweeted as 'Historical moments that remain in aviation history!'

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According to a study of Bloomberg, the economic magazine, Boeing 737 MAX's 'parking fee', which has over 500 machines, costs $ 2000 a month (about 210,000 yen) per month. Furthermore, despite the fact that the Boeing 737 MAX had a second crash in March 2019, it was also found that the Renton Plant continued to produce the same machine at a pace of 50 or more machines per month until April 2019. The overall inventory cost is estimated to be $ 12 billion (approximately 1,300 billion yen) by the end of September 2019.

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