'Iris' that can draw a circle instead of a compass with the aperture mechanism of the camera

When you try to draw a circle on paper using a common compass, you are not very smart because you need to pierce the paper with a pointed needle. ' Iris ' is a revolutionary tool that can draw an accurate circle simply by tracing with a pencil created with the same mechanism as the '

iris stop ' mechanism used for the camera lens. It looks simple and stylish, and it is a masterpiece that makes you want to decorate your desk as an interior.

Iris-The Drawing Tool that Inspires Creativity | Indiegogo

Iris-The Drawing Tool That Inspires Creativity by Makers Cabinet — Kickstarter

You can find out what tools Iris is by looking at the following movie.

Iris Campaign- now on Indiegogo-YouTube

This is Iris.

This is the place I took Iris.

Iris has a thin ring with a structure of 20 thin plates (diaphragm blades), and sliding the ring counterclockwise with a finger causes the diaphragm blades to stick out, narrowing the central hole ...

Conversely, if you slide clockwise, the hole will expand.

After the hole is opened to any size, place it on paper ...

You can draw a circle by tracing the edge of the hole with a pencil.

The ring has a scale of up to 7 cm.

Thanks to that, it is not only possible to draw a circle from 2 to 70 mm in diameter correctly.

It is also possible to measure the diameter of the circle that has already been drawn.

The ring is made of brass.

The diaphragm blade is made of

spring steel and is resistant to graphite and ink, so it can use not only pencils but also mechanical pencils and fountain pens.

Iris comes with a set that also serves as a stand. When the semicircular part of this base is fitted inside the ring of Iris, the tip part just points to the central part of the hole of Iris, so it is not easy to draw a circle around a certain point. not.

Iris was developed by

Makers Cabinet , a maker of drawing tools, and members are Noah Biller, who is in charge of sales from the left, Odin Arder, who is in charge of products, and Benjamin Weininger, who is in charge of public relations.

When Iris was asked to invest in Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, Iris was a popular destination with a target of £ 25,000 (approximately ¥ 3400), with ¥ 184,618 (approximately ¥ 250,000). In addition, the crowdfunding site Indiegogo has also started soliciting investment from June 18, 2019. At the time of writing, it has already collected £ 210,000 (approximately 28.6 million yen) far exceeding the target value of £ 25,000. You are

In Indiegogo's investment plan, it is possible to obtain a set of “1 Iris body, 2 bases each and 2 pencils” for $ 103 (approximately 11,000 yen), and 2 sets of “pair” courses cost $ 183 ( About $ 20.00), 5 sets of 'studio pack' courses cost $ 401 (approximately 43,000 yen). The shipping fee is free, and it corresponds to shipping to Japan, and shipping is scheduled for November 2019.

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