A person who makes a warm and energy-saving house appears even in winter surrounding a house in a greenhouse

In Stockholm, Sweden, where winter lasts nine months a year, there is a house where you can keep warm temperatures by using sunlight without using electricity, by putting the whole house in a greenhouse You You can see the full picture of life in a greenhouse from a movie published on YouTube.

Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather-YouTube

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

A large house is nestled in the wooded forest.

A woman enters from the entrance on the right side.

There is a wooden house in the glass-filled building where the women came in, and it has completely entered.

It looks like this from another angle. You can see that the house is two stories high.

This is how I entered the greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse there is a spiral staircase outside the house ...

There was a spacious play area on the roof.

Spacious enough to allow children to ride around in a tricycle.

Even when the temperature is low and you can not go out, you can play as if you were outdoors in your house. In Stockholm in January, the outside temperature may be minus 2 degrees, but it seems to be able to maintain the warmth of 20 degrees in the greenhouse. It is said that general households in Stockholm will continue to use the heater for nine months from mid-September to mid-May, but Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto who live in this house will operate the heater for up to six months by the greenhouse It is said that it was shortened.

In addition, because it is a greenhouse, it is also possible to grow figs, grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers. These plants can not survive in winter in Swedish air.

However, if the outside temperature is too low, the temperature in the greenhouse will also be low, so it may be possible to use a heater to grow plants.

It looks like this from the second floor looking down inside the greenhouse.

Into the house.

From the room based on white ...

You can go to the veranda in the greenhouse.

There are also times when you enjoy the morning coffee on this balcony where the sun shines.

What is used in the greenhouse is a glass with a thickness of 4 mm, which is highly safe. Basically, it does not break, but if it breaks, it will only break as small pieces, so there is no risk of injury.

The question 'Is the cost of building a greenhouse high?' 'It's a difficult question. It was ten years ago that we built this greenhouse and it cost 80,000 euros (about 10 million yen) at that time' .

This time I moved to a place like a warehouse.

The greenhouse has introduced a system that separates manure into water and compost with a centrifuge, Granmar explained. In the tank where the white one collects the manure that has been washed away from the toilet on the second floor ......

Only the separated water passes through the pipe ...

It is stored in a separate tank after being subjected to sterilization, washing and other processes. It seems that no chemical substance is used in the series of systems.

The water from the tank goes to the planter where the second clean water takes place.

This planter is growing mint.

The second filtered water is drained out, where the third filtering takes place with the power of the plants. These treatments are more environmentally friendly than treating sewage directly to the sea.

Furthermore, Granmar is in the forest.

Here, there was garbage that was eventually used as compost.

The feces separated from the water will eventually be shaped like chili by drying, and it will be dumped in the backyard and returned to soil as follows.

'If you don't live on a self-sufficient basis and rely on a large system, you can use this kind of mechanism to live anywhere,' said Granmar.

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