A movie in which the seal sings 'The Star Wars Theme' and 'Bright Star' etc.

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Seals, which have a lovely appearance and are popular with aquariums, are not particularly similar in sound to human voices. However, I learned that I can sing a song well by teaching.

Formant Modification through Vocal Production Learning in Gray Seals: Current Biology
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Scientists Taught Seals to Sing Star Wars Theme, With Hilarious Results

Is a kind of seals that inhabit the North Atlantic gray seals is not an animal using a particular melody rich cry in the wild, that of a man is able to sing very well song and amazing teach the song. A research team at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland has conducted a study to teach songs to the three gray seals 'Zola', 'Janice' and 'Gandalf'.

You can see how a trained gray seal actually sings 'The Star Wars Themes' and 'Glittering Stars' in the following movie.

Gray Seals compilation-YouTube

The seal screeching at the end of the pool surprisingly takes on the pitch of the Star Wars theme.

Although it will deviate from the original pitch over time, the level that can be heard firmly as a melody is a level that can be said to be 'song'.

In addition, this seal begins to sing a sparkling star-like melody ...

It gradually went out of its original pitch and finally sank in the pool with Dobon.

There are also seals that sound like beautiful singing voices as if you were playing the keyboard ...

The movie includes a seal that perfectly sings out the sparkling star song.

In the study, three gray seals were observed for many years, and their cry repertoire was recorded. After that, they were trained to copy and repeat a specific sound from the cry repertoire, and when it became possible to copy a certain cry, they went on to a new training to be able to make human-like speech. is.

Eventually all three seals succeeded in copying a short series of singing voices and were able to sing the beginning of the song, such as a Star Wars theme or a sparkling star. 'At first, hundreds of trials are required to teach vocalization, so if the seal grabs a knack, a new sound can be acquired in one shot,' said Vincent Janik, a biologist at the University of St. Andrews. It will be. '

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In the past it was known that the seal seal named ' Hoover ' was able to mimic simple human words, but it is actually clear how the seal 'speaks' did not. According to the research team, the seal can imitate and sing human language because the laryngeal mechanism of the seal is similar to the larynx mechanism that humans use for speech.

Biologist Amanda Stansbury said, 'I was surprised that the seal copied the sound we played very well.' A copy of the seal was not always perfect, but the research team's introductory voice is clearly different from that of a typical seal, indicating that the seal's vocalization is very flexible. You

Janik argues, 'This research gives us a deeper understanding of the evolution of vocal ability, which was essential for human language development.' You may find it better to target more human-like primates to study human vocal ability, but non-human primates use larynx mechanisms for vocalization to a large extent with human beings. wrong. 'Surprisingly, the ability of non-human primates to vocalize is very limited,' Janik points out, saying that research on mammals with a human-like vocal mechanism is very important.

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