70 dedicated Amazon jets fly around the world


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Amazon announced that it will procure 15 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which are commercial jets, and add them to its own air transportation network 'Amazon Air'. As a result, together with the existing one, as many as 70 Amazon-designed jets will fly in the sky.

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'Amazon Air' is an aviation brand owned by Amazon. It is an air transportation network dedicated to freight transportation that is spun out from ' Prime Air ', which delivers packages using aircraft and drone. The plan to add 15 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft to 'Amazon Air' became clear from the contribution to Amazon's own blog. The additional aircraft will be leased from GE Capital Aviation Services , a commercial aircraft finance company under General Electric.

Amazon has long been working on expanding its air transport network, and announced at the end of 2018 a plan to increase the number of operating aircraft from 40 to 50, and in January 2019, it added a new one. I was trying to add 5 aircraft to. 'Amazon Air plans to operate a total of 70 Amazon-only cargo aircraft by 2021, including the 15 additions announced this time,' said Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Amazon. It says.

by Nathan Coats

The background to Amazon's urgent need to strengthen its supply chain is seen as a reduction in the partnership with FedEx , a major American logistics service. On June 7, 2019, FedEx issued a statement that ' FedEx Express will not renew its contract with Amazon in the future.' At the same time, the demand for air transport has continued to grow explosively as the e-commerce market has grown rapidly, and in response to this, Amazon has become increasingly urgent to build a transport network that does not rely on other companies' services.

Although it is an ever-expanding air transport, there are also some challenges. In February 2019, an Amazon-dedicated Boeing 767 crashed, killing all three crew members.

Amazon dedicated freight carrier crashed in Texas, USA, confirmed 2 of 3 crew members killed-GIGAZINE

In addition, it is unclear whether it will be included in the model that Amazon plans to add in the future, but ' Boeing 737 MAX 8 ' which is the successor model of Boeing 737 type aircraft will crash in October 2018 and March 2019 I'm waking up.

Similarities of the crash that occurred twice in 5 months in 'Boeing 737 MAX 8'-GIGAZINE

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