Succeeded in fully localizing the 'Sailor Moon' game with the hands of fans beyond the time of 23 years



The anime series ' Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ', which was originally broadcasted by Naoko Takeuchi , aired in 1992, is one of Japan's leading animation works, and is a popular work not only in Japan but throughout the world. At the time of airing, dozens of games based on Sailor Moon were released, but most of them were not sold outside Japan. Was released Sailor Moon of role-playing games in for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System a (RPG), overseas fans are full in English-speaking countries for localization of game-based media and was able to Polygon has been reported is.

Sailor Moon RPG localized by fans 23 years later-Polygon

The Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ANOTHER STORY , released as software for the Super Nintendo in 1995, is a rare RPG game among the Sailor Moon game works. The original story and original character design that mixed the animation and the original was written by the original author Naoko Takeuchi, and it is a gorgeous content that the Sailor Warriors will line up, and if you are a Sailor Moon fan you want to play once It is the title.

However, this 'Sailor Moon ANOTHER STORY' was sold only in Japan, and was not sold overseas, such as in the United States and Europe. Of course, there were enthusiasts who ordered from Japan and bought and played along with the Super Famicom, but because it is a text-based RPG, it is not possible to taste great original stories if you can not read Japanese.

In addition to Sailor Moon, Japanese games are sometimes officially unofficially localized by some fans, as overseas versions may not be officially released focusing on characters. For example, high popularity, 'especially in foreign countries MOTHER2 Gigu Strikes Back is a sequel of', ' MOTHER3 ' has not been released outside of Japan, unofficial translated version by volunteers have appeared.

Localization of 'Sailor Moon ANOTHER STORY' was done at the forum where game ROM hackers gather, in the form of localized patches applied to the emulator's ROM files. And finally, 23 years after its release, version 1.0 was released, and at the time of writing, a patch of version 2.01 has been released. The title screen with the localization patch applied looks like this: It is easy to see that the 'Sailor Moon' logo has been completely replaced by the English version and not just translating the text.

Everything in the game is translated into English, including the words and UI. Also, reprogramming is done, so some bugs in the game have been fixed.

The task of game localization is not only translation, but also requires an understanding of the game, the original, the respect for characters, and the local culture. In Wii U's ' Zeno Raid Cross ' and Nintendo 3 DS's ' Fire Emblem if ', some functions have been eliminated due to overly strict expression restrictions during localization, and game fans have won great reviews. In the localization work of 'Sailor Moon: ANOTHER STORY', it seems that changes have been made to over 400 translations from the first translation to the full version. For example, the conversation when the protagonist Usagi Tsukino entered the room of the younger brother is the following. In the Japanese version, it's a bit sassy saying, 'Don't come in to people's days.'

The first translation says 'Get out of my room!'

And the latest version of the translation is 'Get outta my room!', And out of becomes a colloquial outta, and is designed to sound like the sassy word of a child. By translating on the basis of the character's character and nuance, fans have sought to achieve a more complete localization.

In addition, the design and size of the font have been adjusted many times, not just to translate the text from Japanese to English, but also to display alphabetic lines in a time appropriate for the limited space. Although it is not common for volunteers to carry out localization work with such a high degree of completeness, according to vivify 93 who was in charge of font, text, and graphic editing, the full localization patch has been developed by one person. It was not a project, but it was a compilation of localization projects that have been conducted simultaneously.

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