Headline News for June 12, 2019

by Taiyo FUJII

Shibuya-Omotesando on the Ginza Line for six days from December 28, 2019 (Thursday) to 20 January 2020 (Thursday) due to the relocation work of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Shibuya Station, and Aoyama 1-chome to Tameike Sanno will be closed all day. During the construction period, turnaround operations will be conducted at Omotesando-Aoyama 1-chome except for the closed section, and at Tameike Sanno-Asakusa.

Ginza Line Shibuya-Omotesando Station, Aoyama 1-chome-Tameike Sano Station will be closed | Tokyo Metro

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

On the topic that Kim Jong Yun came to the US-North Korea summit meeting with a private toilet-GIGAZINE

A movie to make elaborate mini-knife from 1 bolt is released-GIGAZINE

The idea of GUI design of the game 'Factorio' which started from 'OK button is right or left?' Problem-GIGAZINE

I tried eating various dishes with 'SATE TOM (Sate Tom)' where you can enjoy the umami taste and spice of the shrimp by eating Vietnamese chili oil and shrimp just by pouring it-GIGAZINE

The oldest and the largest individual of the giant tree 'African Baobab' is dead or is caused by climate change-GIGAZINE

Western-style names that have a male name after o (o) and a female name after a (a)-GIGAZINE

Squids & Octopus and other cephalopods are in the process of being bombarded as a sea champion, why? -GIGAZINE

Tracking the act of 'crying' over 589 days, recording and visualizing cause, time, date and severity level is like this-GIGAZINE

For the realization of the 'Ghost in the Shell' world 'Ghost in the Shell: REALIZE PROJECT' briefing session & public breasting-GIGAZINE

It is pointed out that SOS of those who suffered 7 years on an uninhabited island was a hoax when found on Google Earth-GIGAZINE

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20 million yen old age 'report is gone already' LDP-President Moriyama country vs. chairman | NHK News

It is unheard of not to receive a report saying 'because it is inconvenient to the election'. It will be said, 'If you don't write something that the administration and ministers of the day are fond of, you will not be able to receive it,' and the council will be overwhelmed.

金融 The Financial Services Agency has not withdrawn at 18:00 on June 12, 2019
Publication of Financial Council 'Market Working Group' Report: FSA

'You need to pay 20 million yen for the old age, the financial institution's erased report, what are you saying, what are you, what reporters? Stop giving up fake news!' -comments on satotaka99 / Hatena Bookmark

The Abe administration has learned through success experience that it is acceptable to discard, falsify, or refuse acceptance of inconvenient documents and reject the response. It is also the result that 'everyone' accepted it. This era is a laughter of the future-Comments on D_Amon / Hatena Bookmark

Guillain-Barre Syndrome Outbreaks in Peru Tourists also Watch Out | NHK News

Chemically cast off pediatric offenders State law enacted in Alabama-BBC News

Japan Display Wanted Retirement 1,200 Wanted President To Resign | NHK News

TSUTAYA to buy and sell books from publishers to introduce 'purchase-out' system Accelerating change in publishing circulation-Mainichi Shimbun

Touch 'Y Chromosome' male inheritance inheritance evaluation = LDP-Mr. Furuya: Jiji dot com

Hundreds of job site troubles Free and solicitation, high charge later At the tip of the iceberg-Mainichi Shimbun

Chinese don't know where to drones at Tokyo Station etc. | NHK News

Revised animal protection law is enacted microchip mounting mandatory for dogs and cats abusive punishment too-Mainichi Shimbun

Arrested Yamagata Daio Suspected of killing a female ophthalmologist Yamagata · Higashine: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Trump's documents flickering agreement content leaks inadvertently Mexico measures illegal immigration-BBC News

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Closed on weekdays and closed at G20 Parents 'What if a child ...': Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Advertising is 'Giga unlimited' 'Speed limit', UQ side compensation decision Agent 'industry-wide problems'-Attorney.com

News app also collaboration with the Liberal Democratic Party before the upper house election election: Asahi Shimbun digital

Gonothe, which develops smartphone news applications, started live video distribution in collaboration with the LDP from the 10th. Kodansha's women's fashion magazine 'ViVi' also posted an advertisement planning article with the LDP on the 10th. It is unusual for the ruling party to engage with various media before the upper house election.

Why did the expected service come to a close at “total sales 35,400 yen” —— 6 items to learn from failure and grow: tomorrow's development conference 2019-@ IT

Amazon Personalize Starts Public Announcement and Tokyo Region Launch Announcement | Amazon Web Services Blog

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
Kenji Itoh Theater Original Movie 'Santa Company-Secret of Christmas-' Special Report-YouTube

Released 'PC Engine mini'! Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.

'How many kilometers of dumbbells do you have? 'This PV-YouTube

You are stupid! ? AbemaTV voices to narration to Shogi x Robot animation 'Shogi Space War' voice actor Yuko Miyamura | AbemaTIMES

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What J PRIDE: [Sad news] Miyazaki Hiroyuki, the matter of the dark sales 'I can not go to sleep ...' About the bay 'I'm sorry I'm sorry'

[Video] Hiroyuki Miyasako enthusiasm at the party in question, 'I invite you to' Ame Talk '! Remarks | NEWS post seven

What J PRIDE: Miyasako, 'I want to invite the fraud group' chairman 'and the couple to' 'Ame Talk' by all means '' It is all right. '

147: The wind blows the name 2019/06/12 (Wed) 13:58: 46.36 ID: Ek + Gu + mf0
But if you actually go to the business and notice that the other party is anti-business like that, it may be refused
Are your customers out of business? How can i not hear

376: If the wind blows the name 2019/06/12 (Wed) 14: 14: 03.58 ID: LswrL5XZM
>> 147
The number of companies today is increasing
The contract is also purposely prepared in writing and made to sign before the transaction
If there is any doubt, there is a mechanism that allows the police to inquire if the other party is against the company or closely related persons.

Beat Takeshi divorced with nearly 40 years Mikiko-Divorce and Catastrophe: The Daily Sports

Responds to the ruling of Vettel from the F1 champion and various categories. Former co-worker Weber 'is a mental penalty'

鷹 @ Hawks summary blog: 【愕】 No out full score is likely to be a point with 84% probability ...

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[7/1 (Mon) released! 】 Brand's first salted tart 'Black pepper cheese tart' | NEWS | Bake cheese tart | BAKE CHEESE TART

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