The browser game “Brickception”, which plays two large and small blocks at the same time, is too busy and the brain needs two

' Brickception ' is a browser game that 'plays 2 pieces at the same time', such as

Arkanoid ' Brock scraps '. I actually played what it would be like a game that played 'large blocks' and 'small blocks' at the same time.


Below is a movie that shows how busy 'Brickception' is. Among large window blocks, we use a small window title bar to repel the ball and simultaneously capture small window blocks.

It feels like to play the super busy block break 'Brickception'-YouTube

Brickception is a browser game for PC. Visit the official page and click 'LAUNCH GAME'.

If the window pop-up is set to require permission, the message 'Pop-up blocked' is displayed. If the browser is Chrome, the icon 'This page pop-up blocked' is displayed in the address bar. click.

Check 'Always allow popups and redirects for' and click 'Finish' to complete preparation for play. Click 'LAUNCH GAME' again to start the game.

It looks like this when the game starts, large windows and small windows pop up at the same time. Each window shows a ball and a block, but the large window has no bar.

Small windows are broken into blocks just like normal blocks, but they are used to repel the ball with a bar and erase blocks stacked on top. You can manipulate the bar by swinging the small window left and right.

On the other hand, when breaking large windows, the game is played using the title bar of small windows.

The following movie placed at the beginning really shows how busy you are. You can enjoy the dilemma unique to Brickception, which plays two types of 'large', 'I want to move a small window to the left for a large window, but then the collapse of a small window block breaks down ...'.

It feels like to play the super busy block break 'Brickception'-YouTube

When you clear the stage, go to the next stage. The speed of the ball seems to increase as the level of the stage goes up.

The speed of the ball is up in stage 2 of the super busy block break 'Brickception'-YouTube

After play, the score is displayed.

In addition, it is with Ryo Suzuki that created the concept of Brickception.

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