Master Flight Simulator 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' revives for the first time in 14 years and will be equipped with Cloud AI by Microsoft Azure

In a keynote speech held just before

E3 2019 , one of the world's largest game fairs, Microsoft announced the ' Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ' platform for distributing games for PCs and Xbox One. He announced that he will release a new version of the flight simulation game ' Microsoft Flight Simulator ' in 2020 as the corresponding software. It will be the first new series in 14 years since ' Microsoft Flight Simulator X ' released in 2006.

The trailer movie released at E3 keynote is below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator-E3 2019-Announce Trailer-YouTube

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is 'running with satellite data and AI from Microsoft Azure'.

Beautiful snow mountain and ...

The city that spreads out.

Airplane coming out of the hangar

Airliner waiting for departure

Clouds that dye the sunset ...

A passenger plane also flies in thunderclouds where lightning is roaring.

A scene where you fly with a large amount of flamingos on a beautiful coral reef.

The view from the cockpit and its windows is very precise.

With Microsoft Flight Simulator, everyone can enjoy the scenery that only the pilot can see from the PC or Xbox One.

Raindrops flowing against the window are so realistic.

You can also experience the airport landing at night.

In addition, the scene where several airplanes fly together in the sky. The familiar multiplayer feature from Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, of course, seems to have been added to this work as well.

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released in 2020.

New game of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be delivered Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a multi-platform that supports multiple hardware such as PC and Xbox One, but it is described as 'Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC' in the official Twitter account of Xbox Therefore, it may become a PC limited title.

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