'Chocolate cake man who works to satisfy the desire with only 50 yen' I tried because it appeared from Yuraku confectionery of 'Black Thunder'

' Chocolate cakes work man who fulfills delicate hunger and sugar lust' exquisitely saying 'I'm a little hungry and I want to take a break with sweetness, but it's too big with sweet bread, but I just can't do it with Tyrol chocolate ...' ' Cafe au lait ' has appeared for a limited time on Monday, June 10, 2019. Chocolate cake has been a long seller since 1997, which Yuraku confectionery known as 'Black Sander' handles, but it is the first time in five years that a new taste comes out. I tried to actually eat it because it is said that a candy or chocolate cake that feels nostalgic is finished with a bittersweet cafe au lait.

It's new appearance in 'nostalgic chocolate cake' somewhere! Chocolate Cake Working Man Cafe I | News | Yuraku Confectionery

Chocolate Cake Working Man Cafe I-Product Lineup-Product Information | Yuraku Confectionery

The left of the image below is a package of a man who works for a chocolate cake. While the usual chocolate cake on the right is designed based on white, it is beige based on cafe-like

This is about the size of the package of 'Black Thunder' from Yuraku Confectionery.

The chocolate cake The working man's cafe au lait is 2 sheets per bag like regular chocolate cake. Next to the letter '2 pieces' in the corner of the package, there were also illustrations of office workers wearing glasses. Chocolate cake seems to be popular from men in their 40s and 50s while being a lovely package.

The chocolate cake The working man's cafe au lait is semi-chocolate confectionery, and the ingredients included quasi-chocolate, whole eggs, flour, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, coffee as well as starch syrup.

The calorie is 161kcal per bag. Because two pieces per bag, the calories per piece will be approximately 80 kcal.

I tried to take it out of the bag. The whole chocolate cake is coated with chocolate.

The diameter is larger than the long side of the black sander.

Chocolate cake If you try working men's cafe au lait (left) with regular chocolate cake (right), you can see that the color of the coated chocolate is somewhat brighter.

I tried to cut the cafe cake of the man who works chocolate cake with a kitchen knife. The contents of the coating are 'sponge cake', but the cross section is not so sloppy, and the cut feel was not 'fluffy' but the expression 'moist' was the perfect softness.

Chocolate cake I compared the cross section of the working man's cafe au lait with a regular chocolate cake (right). Unlike the regular chocolate cake white sponge cake, it has a slightly light brown color with the cafe-ore type sponge cake.

At first we try to eat regular chocolate cake. The chocolate coating is sweet and smooth. Sponge cake has a moist texture and feels just about halfway between biscuit and sponge cake. With this size and eating response, it's certainly good for eating when you're hungry.

This time, when I try to eat the cafe cake I work for a chocolate cake, the impression is that the sweetness of coffee is indeed added to the sweetness of the chocolate, and the sweetness is suppressed compared to the normal chocolate cake. In addition, the cafe ole taste sponge cake was slightly softer and moister than the normal chocolate cake. Moderate sweetness and fluffy texture, even in a bag with a good response, and may be perfect when you want to eat something sweet and hungry for a break between work areas.

The chocolate cake working man's cafe au lait can be purchased at convenience stores nationwide for a limited time from Monday, June 10, 2019.

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