Toei Animation launched the '100-Year Animation Project' to create a 100-year-long animation, and it launched its first call for planning

Toei Animation, which has introduced animations such as ' Dragon Ball ', ' One Piece ' and ' Precure, ' launched the ' 100-Year Animation Project ' to create animation that will last for 100 years . In Toei Animation's 60-year history, this is the first attempt to call for a wide range of projects.

Hundred-year anime project

Recruitment courses are four: A 'Anyone's Anime' course , B 'Professional even' course , C 'Remake together ' course , D's creator & production producer recruitment course .

Both A course and B course submit 'plan book' and 'any one of scenario, animation, novel, manga'. The Grand Prize winning project will receive a prize of 1 million yen, the prize for a prize of 500,000 yen, and the incentive prize for a prize of 300,000 yen. It has been.

In addition, the amount of necessary materials is set smaller than B course so that it is easy to apply even if the person who has never produced manga or animation so far, A course is a novelty of ideas rather than a high degree of completion Will be asked. On the other hand, B course requires a high degree of perfection so that you can immediately proceed with animation production.

Course C seeks ideas for remaking “ Ikkyusan ”, which also receives a prize of ¥ 1,000,000 for a prize-winning project, a prize of ¥ 500,000 for an award of excellence, and a prize of ¥ 300,000 for an incentive award. You Grand Prize work is animated, and development such as web delivery is planned.

D course only, not work planning, but recruiting, and the recruitment work is four of 'production producer' 'director' 'animator' 'art designer (background member)'. It is a work consignment contract for each work and project.

The recruitment period is from A, B, C course from June 6, 2019 (Thursday) to September 30, 2019 (Mon), 15:00, and D course is from July 1, 2019 (Mon) to August 31, 2019 (Mon) The postmark is effective on the day.

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