Lawson 'Tomato latte' is a latte or tomato juice? I tried to confirm its identity

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Machicafe Tomato Latte ', which combines the bright red ' High Lycopene Tomato ' with milk, has appeared in Lawson since June 4, 2019 (Tuesday). The question mark 'Chober what is it ... ????' appeared in the sound that was too new, 'Tomato latte', so I actually purchased it and tried to confirm its identity.

Machi cafe tomato latte | Lawson official site

Product 7 item sale using Kagome 'high lycopene tomato' | Lawson official site

Arrive at Lawson.

Tomato latte is a type of beverage that you can get on the machine like a latte. I will wait for a while because it will be made after ordering.

After a while I got this. It looks like a strawberry milkish color from the color.

The size is the same as

iced latte (M) .

The tomato latte is a tomato element towards the bottom of the cup and a milk element at the top with 2 layers so ...

When I drank well after stirring it, the sourness and sweetness of mellow milk and tomato were fused wonderfully. An editorial staff member saying 'Tomato juice is a soup or a juice? I am not good at ambiguity' It is good to completely shake off the juice! Strawberry milk has a sweetness that makes it feel like it's going to be over, This is sweet and sour and it's easy to drink. '

There is a sense that milk feels like ice cafe latte, but since tomato latte has no element of coffee, it is a 'stand-in-after-meal' and 'three-day snack alternative' standing position rather than 'drink with sweets'. .

Moreover, the taste of tomato latte inherits tomato juice in terms of sourness, sweetness, and umami of tomato, but since it has no 'thickness', it is possible to drink smooth. Overall, the tomato juice's 'weak' factor was offset by the sweetness and mellowness of the milk, and it was a drink that the person who was 'weak' wanted to drink.

Somewhat sweet and soothing latte, so when you want sweet things, even if you add gumshiro OK. On hot days you want a refreshing drink, but tomato latte is a good drink for refreshment on those days.

In addition, tomato latte is tax-included 210 yen. In addition, various tomato items such as omelet rice and rice ball using high lycopene tomato have appeared from the same day from Lawson.

Product 7 item sale using Kagome 'high lycopene tomato' | Lawson official site

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