Amazon announces that Alexa can predict and propose multiple tasks in a conversation

For example, if you plan to have an audio assistant '

Alexa ' on Amazon plan to 'see a movie with your family and then go home', as of June 2019, you will first order a ticket purchase for a movie, You will then need to make specific instructions for restaurant reservations and transportation arrangements, etc. However, a new feature scheduled to be implemented in Alexa will allow Alexa to simultaneously recognize multiple tasks in a natural conversation, so Alexa offers various suggestions and actions with one user instruction. You will be able to

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Rohit Prasard, Amazon's AI VP and Principal Investigator, has launched a new approach based on deep learning 'Alexa Conversations' at the ' Amazon re: MARS 2019 ' AI technology related event, which has been held since June 4, 2019. Announced. By using 'Alexa Conversations', Alexa enables more natural and flexible conversations with less effort, less training data, and fewer codes, and predicts user's behavior from a single conversation. You will be able to execute skills in parallel.


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According to Prasad, 'Alexa Conversations' will allow Alexa to 'guess the other party's potential goals from the direction of the conversation, enabling them to have active conversations beyond a single topic or skill'. about. Specifically, developers can use Alexa Conversations to add AI's dialog management function to Alexa skills, which allows Alexa to cross skills across multiple conversations in a single conversation. It will be possible to The ultimate goal of the Alexa development team is to free people from the 'cognitive load' that they put when they think about things in their head and put Alexa in charge, Prasard says.

The image of the conversation that used 'Alexa Conversations' looks like this. When the user asks, 'Reserve a ticket for a movie,' Alexa first recognizes the task of 'purchase a ticket,' and executes the skill on ticketing for the movie. Up to this point is the same as before ...

It is possible for AI to predict the destination of the conversation and ask questions such as 'do you eat out?' And 'do you use a taxi?' As a result, users can make arrangements for food and transportation with just one word: 'book a movie'.

A conversation feature that will allow you to predict and propose multiple tasks with 'Alexa Conversations' is that it will be first deployed to users in the US within a few months of the announcement.

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