YouTube's policy to prohibit live delivery only to minors


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YouTube notes that 'the most important thing we are focusing on is protecting the undergraduates and their families,' and explains on the official blog about the efforts we are taking to protect undergraduates and their families doing.

Official YouTube Blog: An update on our efforts to protect minors and families

Although YouTube is one of the world's largest movie platforms, it is also a service that has created dangerous trends such as the Blindfold Challenge and the Tide Pod Challenge . Such YouTube was criticized at the end of February 2019, saying 'YouTube is promoting sexual exploitation of children', and some companies developed into a situation where it refrained from advertising on YouTube.

Critics say that 'YouTube promotes sexual exploitation of children,' Disney and Epic Games are pulling ads on YouTube-GIGAZINE

As a result, YouTube has taken steps to disable the commenting feature for children's content and delete some malicious movies and channels.

YouTube Disables Content Commenting for Children's Content, Deletes Some Movies & Closes Malicious Channels-GIGAZINE

In addition, YouTube has introduced technology such as 'CSAI Match' to delete content that may lead to sexual exploitation of children.

YouTube CSAI Match

YouTube has 'released YouTube Kids to ensure that children can safely explore their interests and parents have more authority because YouTube was not a service for children under 13 until 2015.' The accounts of children under 13 will be deleted as soon as they are discovered. In fact, thousands of accounts are deleted every week through this process, 'says YouTube Kids as a service for children It emphasizes that it has been separated as another application, and that deletion of accounts that children under 13 are considered to be working well.

It also claims that it has strengthened community guidelines and revised violation warning systems to prohibit the exploitation of minors and to strictly control movies that encourage dangerous or inappropriate behavior.

As a result, in the first quarter of 2019, YouTube has reportedly deleted more than 800,000 movies as 'danger of threatening children's safety.' Most of the deleted movies were deleted within 10 views.

by Szabo Viktor

Most of the minor movies uploaded on YouTube say 'we have not violated our policy.' However, in order to protect children's safety, YouTube is taking a more cautious approach than before, and also explains 'several changes that have been made in recent months.'

◆ Limit of live function
YouTube has tightened its live streaming policy to prohibit 'live streaming of minors not obviously accompanied by parents'. Channels that do not comply with this policy may not be able to stream. Also, YouTube has revealed that it uses a machine learning tool to efficiently search and classify live streaming that only minors are using.

◆ Recommended reduction
In order to improve the recommendation function, YouTube has reduced the number of times to recommend 'content that does not violate the community guidelines but is in a line close to it.' For “content that does not violate the community guidelines but is in a line close to it,” a movie that calls for a false solution to a serious illness, a movie that claims that the earth is flat, a false matter for historical events YouTube claims that 'users are misleading', such as those making claims.

In addition, YouTube has already noted that “the number of movies that have been picked up with the recommendation function is reduced is“ tens of millions ””, and it is appealed that the movie that may spread the negatives gradually becomes less visible to the user doing.

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