Why do people get attacked by 'golden ties' and how should they be dealt with?

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When I suddenly woke up in the middle of sleep, consciousness can not be moved somehow body even though it has already been clearly is, ' paralyzed supposed to some people that there is experience that was attacked by a'. The science-based media, Live Science, has summarized the causes and treatment of such gold ties.

Sleep Paralysis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Goldbundling is a phenomenon that has long been known in many cultures, and it can not move even if you are awake, and you can see something creepy or feel pressure on your chest. It has been viewed as horrible by many. 1664 in Europe, Dutch doctors the paralyzed 'Incubus or the Night-Mare ( Incubus has been introduced as or nightmare)'.

According to a survey conducted in 2011, 7.6% of people worldwide are experiencing at least one bond in their lifetime. Above all, it is easy to be tied up with students and people with mental disorders, especially in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and panic disorder patients.

In addition, it seems that gold-binding is also known as a common symptom of narcolepsy . Narcolepsy patients may experience symptoms of inability to move their muscles while awaking, as well as strong daytime sleepiness and sleep attacks.

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It used to be a work of ghosts and incubus, but in recent years it has been understood that gold ties are related to nerves. According to researchers, gold-binding is generally caused by inhibition of ' REM sleep ', in which the body is in rest but the brain is awake. While clinical psychologist Brian Sharpless has people dreaming during REM sleep, the muscles 'do not move as well as in a dream' to cast muscles. Researchers seem to think that this feature during REM sleep is the cause of the gold tie.

It usually takes a few seconds to a few minutes, during which time people see bright hallucinations. In a survey of 185 people who had been tied up, 58% of the total reported that something was in the same room and 22% actually saw someone they knew. Also, people who are attacked by gold ties may feel oppressive on their chest, and although some people rarely feel comfortable with them, many feel uneasy.

'During rem sleep, the amygdala, which is important for fear and memory, is active during rem sleep,' said Daniel Denis, who studies sleep at the Beth Israel Dikones Medical Center in Boston. He pointed out that there is a possibility that he or she can cope with the situation where the brain remembers fear and strong emotion but there is nothing to explain it around him.

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A survey conducted in 2018 found that a number of factors such as drug use and genetics, trauma memory, poor health, and poor sleep quality have increased the risk of being tied up. In addition, because the frequency and strength of gold-binding are linked to anxiety and lack of sleep, Mr. Denis insists that 'gold-binding may occur during periods of stress.' You

Although no definitive treatment for gold-binding has been established, physicians recommend that patients improve their sleep quality and maintain a fixed bedtime. In severe cases, they have prescribed antidepressants that have the effect of suppressing REM sleep, and may reduce gold ties.

'If you learn gold-bound, first check if your sleep is solid,' said Shelby Harris, an expert in behavioral sleep medicine, pointing out that gold-bound can be a sign of lack of sleep. ' If you experience cessation of caffeine intake after 2 pm, it is recommended to take enough sleep after removing the electronic devices from the bedroom, avoiding alcohol and nicotine 3 hours before going to bed . 'If these actions do not reduce your money, please consult a sleep specialist,' said Harris.

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