Why does it make the nightmare easier to see during pregnancy?

by Corina Sanchez

Although I should have felt asleep pleasantly, when I saw a nightmare I woke up with a bad mood. I do not want to watch a nightmare like anyone, but it seems that women who are pregnant are getting better nightmares than ordinary people. The reason for that is summarized by the science Web site Live Science .

Why Does Pregnancy Cause Weird Dreams?

There are roughly divided into REM sleep and non- REM sleep for human sleep. I enter the first REM sleep in 70 to 90 minutes after sleeping and then repeat NREM sleep and REM sleep at regular intervals. Among human sleeps, REM sleep accounts for 25% of the total, during which eyeball moves intensely. It is also during REM sleep to dream.

Due to the research of scientists, the work of the brain is gradually becoming apparent. According to Liang Donald, an associate professor at sleep medicine at Ohio State University , the brain is integrating memory and processing new information while dreaming. REM who is dreaming When he gets up during sleep, he remembers the content of his dream with a high probability, but the more complicated the information the brain organizes, the more complex the dream becomes, I remember it later and it makes me feel like a nightmare feels like a dream.

According to Julie Levitt, a gynecologist and gynecologist, pregnant women often experience sleep disorders. Levitt said, "In the beginning of pregnancy a large amount of progesterone is secreted, a type of hormone secreted to maintain pregnancy, elevated concentrations of progesterone in the body often cause insomnia."

by Sara Neff

Normally, the rise in concentration of progesterone weakens at 12th to 16th weeks of pregnancy, but when the pregnancy exceeds 28 weeks, pregnant women will decline sleep quality due to various factors. "The pregnant woman 's sleeping situation gets very bad just before giving birth, I want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, and I will develop snoring and sleep apnea syndrome ," Levit says.

Mr. Donald says that when it is pregnant, there is a high possibility that limbs leg leg syndrome develops, symptoms such as legs getting dizzy or feeling uncomfortable and sleeping is disturbed. Because pregnant women basically tend to decline sleep quality, there is an increase in what happens during REM sleep, which should not normally occur, and as a result the possibility of remembering a nightmare becomes high.

In a study announced in 2016, a survey was conducted on 406 pregnant women between the ages of 17 and 44. Then, it is said that women who are pregnant are about twice as likely to see a nightmare compared with women who are not. Among them, there were many reports that they had a nightmare at the end of pregnancy, so the burden on the body became large, and it seemed that nightmare became easy to see at the end of pregnancy, which is easy for both mental and physical stress to be stressed.

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