How do CEOs who spend the day following the 'do not work at night or weekend' rule?


Strava is an app for athletes and sports enthusiasts who can record their workouts, such as their travel history and their heart rate, and have SNS functions. Such Strava CEO James Quarles talks about his own life: 'I do not work at night or on weekends and I value my time with my family.'

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Quarles started work at Strava in May 2017 and now has 175 employees. Strava is gaining in popularity from cyclists and many other sports enthusiasts, and at the time of writing, a million new users per month have started using Strava around the world.

Quarles also likes to work as a CEO, but also plays a role as a CEO as well as a double-handed father with three children. My wife and Mr. Quarles divide the housework and childcare duties into halves, and in order to balance the work of the CEO with the family, Mr. Quarles firmly holds the bold rule of 'do not work at night or on the weekend' It seems to protect.

Such a day of Quarles is moving according to the following schedule.

Wake up
Mr. Quarles always sets the alarm at 6 am, but actually he often wakes up around 5:45 am before the alarm sounds. After getting up, Mr. Quarles wears running shoes and goes out to the morning run, which is a daily routine. I am listening to podcasts while running and the distance is about 8 km. On weekends, the children will run side by side on bicycles, and they will be Quarles's pacemaker.



◆ Breakfast
Children wake up around 6:30 am on weekdays. When 9- and 7-year-old boys and 4-year-old girls get up, Mr. Quarles will help to change clothes, make breakfast, and help with homework that did not finish the night before. Because Quarles's wife also works on business trips, the household chores are divided equally between the two.

Breakfast seems to be avocado, banana and peanut butter smoothies, and Mr. Quarles adds maca and chia seeds to it. Quarles's family is nutritious and health conscious, and says they don't eat much sugar or processed food.

◆ Commuting
By 7:30 am, it is customary for Quarles to ride a bicycle and head to the station, and even on rainy days, he likes to ride a bicycle and breathe in fresh air, says Quarles. It says.

◆ Work
Quarles usually starts work before 8:30 am. It is usually scheduled for work until 5:30 pm, but every Wednesday we have the time to run with the employees of Strava during the day. Since joining the company, Quarles seems to have missed this run only once.

◆ Lunch
Right next to the office there is a great restaurant where you can get salad and protein, and Mr. Quarles is always eating salmon, tuna and chicken on top of a green salad. On weekdays, the nanny will cook for the children, but on weekends, Mr. Quarles may use her own cooking skills.

◆ Return home
When I finish my work at 5:30 pm, Mr. Quarles always gets on a train at 5:58 pm and will be back home by 6:30 pm. Quarles says that when I get home I don't touch my job at all, but spend time talking, reading books and studying with my family.


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◆ Bedtime
Quarles usually goes to bed before 10 pm and often reads a paper book just before going to sleep. It seems that you can spend a leisurely time with the children, as the couple will not bring the phone into the bedroom.

Also, 'My life is turning to sleep,' Quarles emphasizes the quality of sleep and uses smart watches to measure the quality of sleep. There is no light or screen in the bedroom that interferes with sleep, and you drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration before you go to bed.

Quarles wants to focus on the things he is working on in life, concentrates on work when doing work, and on communication when communicating with children. Strava emphasizes balancing life, so Quarles said that he was able to better balance his life.

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