Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg claims that the Internet needs new rules


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On March 30, 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the opinion that the Internet needs new rules. Mr. Zuckerberg has stated that it is necessary to set new regulations in the 'four areas' on the Internet.

Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let's start in these four areas.
https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/mark-zuckerberg-the-internet-needs-new-rules-lets-start-in-these-four-areas/2019/03/29/9e6f0504-521a-11e9- a3f7-78b7525a8d5f_story.html

With the advancement of technology, technology companies such as Facebook have become increasingly important in the role and responsibility of people in their lives. Zuckerberg updates Internet rules in areas such as 'harmful content,' 'election fairness,' 'privacy,' and 'data portability,' allowing people to express freely and entrepreneurs to create new systems. It states that it is necessary to protect society from the harms of the Internet while protecting the freedom to build it.


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◆ 1: harmful content
Companies that provide an Internet platform like Facebook give people the means to send their voices around the world. As such, it shares valuable experiences, amplifies social movement, and brings many benefits.

On the other hand, the technology companies that provide the platform are obligated to keep the service in a safe place, and need to protect users from terrorist advertisements, dangerous propaganda and hate speeches. Facebook has set up content policies, hired moderators to censor content, and removed harmful content to keep the platform healthy.

Zuckerberg argues that Internet companies should be responsible for setting standards for harmful content removal and keeping their platforms sound. It is difficult to remove harmful content completely from the Internet, but it is possible for the platforms used by many people to improve the soundness of the Internet through their efforts. CEO Zuckerberg claims that transparency reports should be published quarterly to show how Internet companies are removing harmful content.



◆ 2: fairness of election
According to Zuckerberg, it is important to maintain the fairness of elections by establishing rules on the Internet. Facebook has tightened restrictions on purchasing political ads, checking for the identity of advertisers and what other ads are running.

However, it is not easy to judge how politically ad is. By enacting a standard rule in the Internet industry, the Facebook system will be more efficient, says Zuckerberg.


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◆ 3: Privacy
It is important to create a harmonious framework in the world to effectively protect the privacy of users. So, Zuckerberg agrees with the GDPR coming into force in the EU, and many countries think it is beneficial for the Internet to adopt privacy protection rules like the GDPR.

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◆ 4: Portability of data
Also, Zuckerberg believes that the new Internet rules need to protect the data portability principles that companies have. Sharing data among multiple services helps entrepreneurs deliver the services people want, and allows people to choose to use Facebook to log in to other services. On the other hand, when porting data between services, it is necessary to have clear rules as to which company is responsible for protecting the data.

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Zuckerberg believes Facebook is responsible for tackling these issues, and is looking forward to discussing Internet issues with lawmakers around the world. And not only do individual companies set the rules, they also need people from all over the world to discuss extensively beyond the four mentioned above, said Zuckerberg.

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