Pilot found complaints about Boeing 737 MAX 8 that had two crash incidents

by Liam Allport

The "Boeing 737 MAX 8", which crashed twice in five months, has been previously pointed out by pilots as a safety flaw, as revealed by The Dallas Morning News became.

Several Boeing 737 Max 8 pilots in US complained about suspect safety flaw | Airlines | Dallas News

Incidents of the Lion Air 610 crash on Monday, October 29, 2018, and the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 on March 10, 2019 and flights operated by Boeing 737 MAX 8 In the five months there were two major accidents. Although the cause of the accident has not yet been identified, experts have pointed out that the two accidents are similar.

Dallas Morning News has searched the government's database on aviation accidents and found that pilots had complained about the "MAX 8".

The "MAX 8" is equipped with a "control characteristic enhancement system (MCAS)" that prevents the stall of the aircraft and automatically corrects it, but according to a certain captain, the system is completely different from the conventional 737 series regarding MCAS In addition to the point being completely obscured, the company and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) issued a flight permit despite being not sufficiently trained, and it was in a very "unacceptable situation in light of conscience". Of.

In addition, in the material that Dallas Morning News published on Document Cloud, highlight is attached to the part that mentions "MAX 8".

ASRS Reports for 737 max8

However, it seems that the airline side is in the position of "MAX 8 advocacy", Southwest Airlines "the problem in the MCAS related has not been reported", American Airlines "MAX 8 is a safe aircraft, The pilots are well trained, and Boeing has also heard that there are no problems with false angles of attack during manual maneuvers. With the same attitude, United Airlines continues to operate at both companies.

The FAA will issue an airworthiness improvement command to the "MAX 8" and "MAX 9" of the Boeing 737 MAX family.

On the other hand, airlines in Europe and Australia are giving up examples of giving up on MAX 8.

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