Automatically generate photos of 'imaginary cat' not existing in this world 'This cat does not exist'

With the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to automatically generate " celebrity photos ", " fake images with unrecognizable levels with real photos ", " beautiful girl characters ", etc. , This picture does not exist "which can automatically create a picture of a" fictitious cat "that does not exist in the real world appeared February 22, which is just a cat's day, has become a hot topic.

This cat does not exist

When accessing This cat does not exist , the picture of "imaginary cat" automatically generated in the center of the screen is displayed as shown below. Every time I press the F5 key etc. to refresh the page, a completely new "imaginary cat" picture is displayed, but detailed explanation etc did not exist at all. The generated "fictitious cat" picture is a square of 256 pixels on one side.

Although a little discomfort was found in the ear part, a very real cat was created.


Hideya cat

Gutai is too good for harassment ......

I got a huge feeling that there are too many limbs.

Beautiful tortoiseshell cat

A black cat with distorted facial contours

Faithfully reproduce various kinds of cats such as tea turtle cats.

You can enjoy various kinds of cats, such as a newborn baby cat is created.

It is derived from the data taken for reference, or a cat with a watermark why it should have created "imaginary cat".

The cat itself is generated without any sense of incompatibility, but images that are somewhat concerned about something that is too close to the horror ... ....

There were patterns that the cats themselves did not work well and it was quite horrible.

It was the developer Gautham Santhosh who developed "This cat does not exist". Santhosh revealed that he created "This cat does not exist" which automatically inspired the creation of a fictitious cat picture every time he refreshed the page using AI, inspired by " This person does not exist " I will.

From the user who actually played with "This cat does not exist", "I spent there for half an hour but I have not regretted at all!" And "I am crazy for a cat made with hostile generation networks (GANs)" , "It is for this reason that we pay the Internet fee", "Some seem to have been in a Star Trek transport accident", "Come to a cat outside the earth ", etc. are commented on I will.

This Cat Does Not Exist - Computer generated cats Refresh to get a new one | Product Hunt

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