The US Food and Drug Administration warns that there is a health risk to 'infusion of young blood'


Ryan Moreno

The United States Food and Drug Administration warns that there is a health risk to take in blood for the emergence of the 'Rejuvenation Clinic' that transfuses the blood of young people .

Safety & Availability (Biologics)> Important Information about Young Donor Plasma Infusions for Profit

'Rejuvenating by taking in young blood' seems to be a story in fiction, but Professor Amy Weigers of the Harvard Stem Cell Research Institute and others conduct research on mice and turn it into proteins in young blood. Presented research results that have the power to revive aging cells . The University of Toronto and the Toronto Children's Hospital have also published research findings that incorporating young blood will improve their natural healing ability .

For the study of the way Garth and his colleagues, research results to question the effect is Glaxo Smith Kline of biotechnology companies Novartis and pharmaceutical companies, more than from such as the University of California at Berkeley was issued but, start-up and become business eye wearing , finally the 'rejuvenation clinic' realization is the history that was.

According to the FDA, this kind of 'rejuvenation clinic' already exists in some states. Although the FDA has not given a specific name , according to the news site Ars Technica, there is 'Ambrosia' based in Phoenix, Arizona, as a prominent entity, plasma ( Let me know ) It seems that 1 liter is provided for $ 8,000 (approximately 900,000 yen) and 2 liters for $ 12,000 (approximately 1,330,000 yen).

It is said that in these facilities 'benefits' such as 'prevention of aging / deterioration in memory' and 'treatment of symptoms such as dementia, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease' However, it has been pointed out that there is no clinically proven effect, but rather there is a risk of residual infectious agents, allergic reactions, acute lung injury, and cardiovascular overload. I warned against using the service.

Although Alkahest, who is working on aging treatment research, has proved that even if human plasma is given to mice, it has a rejuvenating effect, but as the FDA points out, 'it has a rejuvenation effect on humans.' Has not been proven.

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