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"Protein in young blood has the power to revive aged cells"Since the research results were announced in 2014, the medical practice of" transfusing the blood of young people "has attracted attention. There are several start-ups that looked at this technique, and clinical trials that "pay 800,000 yen to have young people transfuse blood" are done until now.

The Next Health Fad? Blood Transfusions from Young People

It was in 2014 that the idea of ​​"blood transfusing young people's blood to the elderly" first got attention.Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI)Amy Weigers, a researcher at the time, discovered that "blood of young mice improves muscle, heart, and brain function of elderly mice". At this time, the experiment adopted a method called "parallel combination" which sews the skin of young mouse and older mouse, and said that the two circulation systems were integrated. Research using parallel combination has been taking place since the 1960's, but in recent years Peter Seal, founder of PayPal, has attracted attention and attracted attention in recent years.

And, a new start-up "America" ​​in California called "Ambrosia" started a clinical trial that "blood of young people will be transfused to people over the age of 35", and applicants paid 8000 dollars (about 800,000 yen) For example, you can participate in the exam. Ambrosia plans to transfuse blood of young people aged 16 to 25 years once a week for 4 weeks to 600 subjects. Although Jesse Carmasin, the founder of Ambrosia, received an interview offer like a mountain, it seems that he is declining saying that he can not speak at the moment.

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However, the fact that Ambrosia's clinical trial "can be received by paying expenses" is also criticized. Also, in clinical trials, more than 100 biomarkers are prepared and compared the state before blood transfusion / transfusion, but biotechnology companiesNovartisDavid Glass, executive officer, said, "We do not have a control group for the placebo effect", he points out the accuracy of the research.

In addition, even in a company called Alkahest, clinical trials are underway to transfuse the blood of young people to patients with Alzheimer's possibilities, results will be released at the end of 2016.

In a research conducted in 2014, Professor Weigers published two papers that centered on the role of protein called "GDF 11 (Growth Differentiation Factor 11: Growth / Differentiation Factor)". GDF 11 is a protein produced in the body and decreases with age. According to Professor Weigers, if we can increase the amount of GDF 11, we can increase the strength of the muscles and restore the aged brain.

You can see how GDF 11 reads something below.

Protein in young blood proved to have the power to revive aging cells - GIGAZINE

However, in response to the work of Professor Weigers et al., Novartis researchers have published a report that "GDF 11 increases rather rather with aging and is counterproductive to skeletal muscle regeneration", and the effect of GDF 11 There are also questions raising doubts. Pharmaceutical company'sGlaxo · SmithKlineYaFive Prime TherapeuticsIn addition to publishing the research results that "there is no effect to rejuvenate muscles in GDF 11", in addition, in June "GDF 11 has no effect on mice with Duchenne muscular dystrophy disease"Research results have also been announced.

No research has yet been concluded and the effect of "transfusing the blood of the young to the elderly" is unknown. However, even if GDF 11 and GDF 8 have no aging preventive effect as a single body, there is a high possibility that hints leading to rejuvenation are hidden in the blood containing them, Professor Weigers said to GDF 11 and GDF 11 We are going to continue studying related substances such as GDF8.

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