I ate 'Range de Poteric Rich Butter Soy Sauce Flavor' that you can taste potato chips that are made by warming in the first range of potato chips history

" Range de potterich rich butter soy sauce taste " that you can taste freshly made potato chips that you can taste in a microwave while warming in a bag appeared only on Family Mart from February 19, 2019 (Tuesday) I will. It is a potato chip which warmly becomes "meal substitute", and it is said that it is a new product of Calbee whole body which was superimposed 50 times or more and trial production for two and a half for the microwave compatible packaging material, and in fact it is Atsuatsu · I tried checking the finish by eating Hokuhoku potterichi.

【FamilyMart Limited】 New Proposal of Potato Chips "Heated in Range with Bags!" "Range de Poteric Rich Butter Soy Sauce Flavor" "Range de Pizza Potato" in the Range of 40 Seconds! Tasty up at Atsuu · Hokuhoku! | News Releases | FamilyMart

This is "Range de Poteric rich butter soy sauce taste"

According to the package, the range de potterich is cut into a bag and it overheats for 40 seconds in a microwave oven of 500 W or 600 W.

There was a more detailed explanation on the reverse side. Burning and damage to the bag may occur, so care should be taken not to warm at 600 W or more, 60 seconds or more.

Potatoes, vegetable oil, powdered soy sauce, buttermilk powder etc are described in the raw material name, which is the same as ordinary version potterich thick butter soy sauce taste .

Calorie is 276 kcal per 50 g of bag. As the regular version is 80 g of 442 kcal, the calories per 50 g are totally together.

According to the instructions, say, put a cut of about 2 cm in the bag ... ...

In the microwave oven with the back side up. I will overheat for 40 seconds at 600 W as it is.

After heating, a little heat is transmitted from the bag, and at this point a good aroma of butter soy sauce drifts around. There was not much for commercially available potato chips, it became an "appetizing appetite with a smell" item.

When I try to eat it, the smell of butter sauce rises at the moment when I put it in my mouth, there is a sense of flavor of potatoes, certainly the taste of "freshly made". As the fragrance comes out in front, saltiness turns to the back and it has a slightly mild taste, and it is a finish that can not be enjoyed quite easily with commercially available potato chips. However, it is hot from the microwave oven, but it is quick to cool down and reheating is impossible, so it is a moment that you can taste freshly made fish. Even after slightly chilling, the fragrance is above the regular version, but some people commented that "I do not feel much difference", so it may be good to share some of you hotly with some people.

When you eat the regular version of potteric thick butter soy sauce taste, the difference with Poterich, which is freshly chinned, is obvious. Because you can enjoy the smell which is quite good by all means, "I do not think you should just tap the regular version as it is!", But since the regular version is not a microwaveable compliant bag, please do not overheat " ... apparently ...

In addition, the potteric thickened butter soy sauce taste is 152 yen including tax.

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