What does it mean to emphasize when 'naming pro' naming 'Fabrez' or 'Brackberry' decides the name?

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When appealing products and brands, it is advantageous if the product name or the brand name itself attracts people or gives a big impact. Lexicon Branding , an American marketing company, is a company naming names such as deodorant Fabrez , cleaning supplies Swiffer , smartphone BlackBerry (Blackberry) , and its founder, David Placek , And important points when naming brand names ".

How to name a product, from the man behind Swiffer and BlackBerry

Swiffer which is a tool for cleaning the floor and ...

Fabreeze etc are products that are known around the world.

Mr. Placek is a founder and president of Lexicon Branding who decided such brand name.

Lexicon Branding said that he is devoting great power to creating "remarkable name".

The impact of the name is enormous.

It seems that Lexicon Branding gave names of 4000 brands in 19 countries ......


Solid iced Dibs

We have created names such as Impossible Burger using plant-derived artificial meat.

The price rate for determining the name is about 40,000 dollars (about 4.4 million yen) to about 250 thousand dollars (about 27.5 million yen).

Placek says that brands and product names are worth it. Over 30 years, Mr. Placek has considered the names of various products. It seems that a considerable amount of money was needed for investigation to give a good name.

What is important for the name is the sound of the sound, Lexicon Branding investigates about 2 million dollars (about 220 million yen) and 5 years of investigation, and what kind of image the character sound and pronunciation gives people He said that he researched.

As a result of investigating not only in the United States but also countries such as Poland, France and Japan, Placek says that he found a universal law.

For example, the alphabet "V" sound.

Whether it comes from Paris or from the Bronx , it is a sound that reminds me of lively and energetic images.

Among the product names named by Lexicon Branding, V is used for Toyota Venza and others.

Furthermore, the sound of "B" ... ...

The sound of "T" seems to make people appreciate high reliability.

For example, "BlackBerry" uses B twice.

BlackBerry is a name that you do not know that it is a smart phone at first glance, Placek said that "too descriptive name" is not good.

People tend to be caught in the thought of advancing things using logic, but it is not logical to move the hearts of men by putting fire on imagination.

For example, Mr. Placek named the cleaning article "Swiffer". This is one of the most successful products of Lexicon Branding branding.

Actually, it was said that "ProMop" or "EasyMop" was likely to be used.

From the corporation side, it seems that we wanted to appeal to the point that "we have greatly improved the conventional mop." However, Mr. Placek said that he immediately refuted "This will not look like a mop".

Furthermore, as a result of investigating 30 cleaning companies with Lexicon Branding ......

People working on using mops found out that "I do not like mops as everyone." Consumer side seems to judge that it is a bad hand to put a mop in the name because it does not have a good image for "mop".

Therefore, Lexicon Branding decided to push out a fun image as a strategy of selling out new products.

And from the word Sweeping, he said that he produced a product name "Swiffer".

Swiffer has become a product that kills $ 6 billion (about 660 billion yen) sales in 15 countries around the world.

Meanwhile, according to Placek, it is getting harder to add products and brand names than it used to be.

One of the reasons is that "the names that can be used are decreasing". Approximately 1.2 million trademarks were effective in the United States in 2004 ... ...

It has increased to 2 million pieces in 2018.

Also, with the spread of the Internet, product competitors spread all over the world.

Not only need to stand out among the large amount of products full of market ... ...

It must also work for multiple languages and cultures.

Even though it sounds good in English, you should not have sinister or negative meanings in French and other languages.

However, Placek says company name, brand name, product name are the people's most ears, and the name is very important in marketing.

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